A Little Time and a Keyboard: Website Wednesday: PlanetPals.com

Website Wednesday: PlanetPals.com

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This week, I stumbled on PlanetPals.com. Where was this site when my daughter was working on her recycling project a couple of weeks ago?

The website has a whole lot of useful information about the environment and how to take care of ourselves and the Earth. The site also has some games to play in the "playground" section. I am most excited about the craft section where there are tons of Earth-friendly crafts. There is even a special section dedicated just to holiday Earth-friendly crafts.

I did find that some of the crafts may use some items that may be would not be used in a recycled project per se--like a pipe cleaner. But, there really are a bunch of good ideas and neat ways to reuse everyday items.  They actually have a couple of projects using dryer lint--not sure if I should be impressed or scared!

Go ahead and visit Planetpals.com if you need some craft ideas. You are bound to be inspired!

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