A Little Time and a Keyboard: Fish Feeding Frenzy at Bass Pro Shops

Fish Feeding Frenzy at Bass Pro Shops

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last week, I learned you can watch the fish being fed at the aquarium at your local Bass Pro Shop. I have never been inside one but just from drive-bys, I can tell that they are pretty immense. However, I would never have thought that they had an aquarium inside of the shops! I have also learned that they have free events for Christmas and Easter (including crafts, games, photos with Santa and the Easter Bunny).

You can check your local Bass Pro Shops website for more information about these free events for kids. One thing that I would be aware of--I believe that they do have displays of taxidermy animals. My daughter gets a little nervous about such displays so I am sure some of you may also have this issue.

I know how we all love free events, so I thought that I would send out an FYI about my find!

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