A Little Time and a Keyboard: Getting Crafty: Easy Fall Tree Paper Craft

Getting Crafty: Easy Fall Tree Paper Craft

Monday, September 24, 2012

I am a total hoarder so I have tons and tons of scrap paper. My daughter and I were able to put some of those odd-shaped scraps of paper to use on a recent project. We used some creative cutting and some tissue paper to make a fall tree with a stained glass effect.

The items that we needed for the project were:

1 piece of brown construction paper
1 marker
1 pair of scissors
tissue paper and construction paper remnants
some dry beans and grains (to add texture)

First, I drew the tree and some shapes to be cut out. The cut out shapes would serve as our leaves. My daughter cut out the shapes.

Next, my daughter found scrap tissue paper and a little construction paper to glue to the back of the tree so that the color would show through as the leaf. (The side of the project with the lines became our "back" as my daughter had a difficult time cutting outside the lines. I drew the trunk in on the other side when we finished the project.) We let the project dry for a little. Then, my daughter glued beans and grains to the front to add texture. (My idea here was they could be some seeds. However, she wanted to add a ton. Whatever works!) Lastly, we added a bit of grass.

Here is a view of our tree against the window so you can see the stained glass effect.

Our tree definitely looks like a vibrant fall tree on a sunny day! The project was easy and made of things that we had on hand. I love doing little festival things like this to get is in the mood of the season at hand!

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