A Little Time and a Keyboard: Funny Things from our Trip to Montreal

Funny Things from our Trip to Montreal

Friday, September 7, 2012

I wasn't sure how we would fare on our quick weekend trip to Montreal. The trip ended up being great with a lot of humor thrown in! We had laughs from beginning to end. Here are ten of our funniest moments:

1.) My daughter insisted on eating at a French bakery before going to Montreal. Hello, we are going to Montreal!

2.) Our flight attendant fell asleep during our 2-hour flight to Montreal. I am sure that she probably was working a long shift, but it was funny to see her sleeping at the front of the plane.

3.) The flight attendant welcomed us to Toronto, not Montreal.

4.) There is something seriously wrong with the squirrels in Montreal. They look you dead in the eye and will not run away until you are about a step away.

5.) We went through US customs at the Montreal airport. There is a "Welcome to the US" sign and then you walk straight into the duty free shop. Why does that seem a little odd to me?

6.) Also at said duty free shop, you still need to pay in Canadian dollars, not US or you will be charged a conversion. I thought the sign said "Welcome to the US?"

7.) We were told by American Airlines that our flight from Montreal to Chicago was not an international flight. I understand that airlines make crazy rules to charge us for our bags. However, the last time I checked, Canada and the US are two different nations.  I am just saying.........

8.) My daughter, who speaks some French, continually tried to wear headphones and listen to music to avoid speaking French.

9.) However, she insisted on singing the alphabet in French as well as a number of other French songs over and over again in the car.  ???!!!???!!!

10.)  The first time we visited Montreal, my husband, who doesn't speak any French, was approached by a gentleman that went on to have a conversation with him in French. We thought that this was not going to happen this time. However, when my daughter and I went to the restroom and left my husband unattended, another gentleman approached him and began having a conversation in French.

We really do love the city and had a great time. The city is absolutely beautiful, the people are great, and the food is phenomenal! Tomorrow, I will share some of the pictures from the trip.


  1. I always wanted to visit Montreal. That is so funny that they don't accept US dollars- strange! Haha on the flight attendant welcoming you to Toronta- that is so funny! Squirels are so strange- they sort of freak me out. So cute. Glad you had a great time!

  2. Came over from SITS! My favorite past of this post is the squirrels. I might have to visit just to see them someday :)
    Glad you had a fun trip!