A Little Time and a Keyboard: Simple Tissue Paper Flowers {Reuse that Tissue Paper}

Simple Tissue Paper Flowers {Reuse that Tissue Paper}

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ok, so you all know that I can be pretty thrifty and I don't like to throw things away. Well, I have mounds--and I mean mounds--of tissue paper from random gifts and purchases. I do reuse this tissue paper in other gifts as well as for packing. However, my supply has very much outstretched the demand. With my daughter home on Monday for the holiday, we decided to craft some tissue paper flowers.

The project was very easy to do. I actually used tissue paper that was already a bit crinkly--you know the stuff that would look a little too much "used" in another gift bag. We cut ten rectangles out of the desired tissue paper. (Each rectangle is the same size.)

Then, we layered the rectangles. If you want your flower to display multiple colors, you can layer the colors to generate the desired pattern.

We took a Bendaroo and wrapped it around the middle of the rectangle stack. (You can also use a pipe cleaner but we have a bunch of unused Bendaroos, so I decided to put them to use.)

Next, we separated the tissue paper on  either side of the flower. You further scrunch it to generate your desired look. To complete the flower, my daughter added a couple of Bendaroo leaves.

Voila, our finished flower!

This project was pretty easy and is perfect for spring projects as well as Mother's Day gifts.

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