A Little Time and a Keyboard: How to Prepare for Spring Break {You Can Survive}

How to Prepare for Spring Break {You Can Survive}

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wow, Spring Break is almost here! My daughter is actually counting down the days. In the not so distant past, she lamented being off of school. Now, she relishes time off. (Well, I think she mostly relishes sleeping in, playing the computer and watching TV.) This morning, I find myself with a little over a week to get activities lined up for her week and a half off of school. What to do?

If you have your kids at home for all or part of the break, you will need some ideas to keep them occupied and to keep you sane. Here is what I do to get ready for my daughter to be home:
  • First and foremost, if you have things you have to accomplish, make sure to have them on a list or on a calendar. That way, you can make sure you get the things you need done, done. This includes doctor appointments, home improvement projects, etc. When there is a break, it can be difficult to stay on task.
  • Line up playdates ahead of time. If you know which kids will be around during the break, it will save you a lot of time finding a playmate for your child.
  • Scout information from park districts, libraries and area guides to figure out what events will be happening during break. You may find more freebies and low cost events than you think.
  • Stock up on craft materials. Sometimes, I make a run to Joann's to pick up some crafts my daughter will love to help keep her occupied. I wouldn't overdo it--kids can be occupied with just construction paper, glue, markers and stickers.
  • Go to the library at the beginning of break to pick up some books.
  • Plan a day to just veg. You need some time that is definitely unscripted.
  • Plan a movie night or game night. You can add all sorts of fun food to the event--like make your own sundaes or maybe popcorn with a choice of toppings or even make chocolate covered strawberries with a selection of sprinkles, crushed nuts, or crushed candy pieces.
  • How about a family baking session? Honestly, it doesn't need to be difficult. A box mix would even work and is still fun for the kids.
  • Pick a day for a fun family outing. Maybe everyone would like a day at the movies. Or, a visit to a museum maybe fun and educational, too!
  • Start a long term project that will last throughout the break. For example, start a large puzzle or maybe craft a birdhouse that will take several steps.
  • Stretch everyone's creativity. With Earth Day around the corner, challenge everyone to figure out how to reuse items that are not recyclable.
  • Don't forget about yourself! We like to plan a date night during break times for a little break for ourselves.
How about you? Do you have any ideas for keeping the kids occupied during time off? Feel free to comment below! :)


  1. Great suggestions. We also go through closets and try on last years' warm weather clothes to see what still fits and what needs to be replaced. My daughters enjoy it, cause we make it like a fashion show.

    1. Liz, that is such a fun idea--and you get work done at the same time! Thanks for commenting!

  2. lots of great suggestions. unfortunately, I have to work all week :(

  3. we signed our daughter up for the Metropolis' Spring Break Drama Camp. It runs from 9am - noon Monday through Friday so you can run errands (or work) during the morning and the plan a short activity in the afternoon.