A Little Time and a Keyboard: Granola Bars Revisited {Munchie Monday}

Granola Bars Revisited {Munchie Monday}

Monday, April 1, 2013

Awhile ago, I posted a Cranberry Granola Bar recipe. I have been playing a little more with the recipe, so I thought that I would let you know about some additions I have made. Plus, this gives those that may have missed the recipe initially a chance to take a look! This recipe is one of my favorites and I try to make the bars every week.

I have been running low on my store of cranberries, so I thought that I should try another fruit. (Don't worry, I still have some frozen to use in the spring and summer!) I tried granny smith apple and it worked well. You just want to make sure that you cut your pieces pretty small. I also have been adding in a teaspoon of flaxseeds. I really like the additions to this recipe and they add a little more nutrition! I updated my Cranberry Granola Bar recipe to indicate these additions, so head on over if you would like to try it!

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