A Little Time and a Keyboard: Mother-daughter bonds bloom with Yapa Events and Bloom Salon

Mother-daughter bonds bloom with Yapa Events and Bloom Salon

Thursday, May 2, 2013

**Disclosure: We did receive complimentary admission via Yapa Events in order to make an accurate review. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

Two weeks ago, my daughter and I were invited to a lovely Mother's Day Celebration organized by Yapa Events at Bloom Salon in Arlington Heights. We were so excited about this event because it provided us with some girl time as well as a new adventure. We had very special experience and were introduced to two new businesses in Arlington Heights at the same time.

Bloom Salon sports a very relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. Such a perfect place for a Mother's Day Celebration involving some pampering for the little princesses! When we entered, we were warmly greeted with a cute little card displaying my daughter's choices for services. Of course, she could not decide right away! Decisions, decisions!

We were engaged in activities together during the entire event. We spent quite some time in a cozy nook area working on crafts. First, we made a lovely flower pot for some pretty spring flowers. Working together, we were able to make a adorable pot full of cloth patches, pearls and paint. Next, I urged my daughter to have one of her services. Sipping some pink lemonade, she expressed desire to complete a second craft. She never can turn down a craft! Together, we made a cute Japanese blossom branch. Such a beautiful craft! I am sure we will replicate it in the future.

Yapa Events is so much about this special bonding time between parents or grandparents with children. Joan Dubnicka, the mastermind behind Yapa Events, is quite passionate about providing memorable opportunities through her events. In the past, Joan ran the Little Village Playplace in downtown Arlington Heights. Her role at the Playplace allowed her to witness some of these special moments up close. Captivated by these moments, Joan sees Yapa Event's mission as a pathway to creating more bonding moments for families while exploring the assets of the local community. These moments are the ones our children will remember. My daughter will definitely talk about our Mother's Day Celebration for some time!

After completing our crafts, we enjoyed some R & R. With our plates loaded with fruit and cups full of lemonade or tea, we sat down for our tea. Relaxing and talking without interruption was fun.

On to the services! The girls at Bloom Salon did a great job with the girls! They really put in that extra magic to make each girl feel like a princess. I talked with Barbara, the owner of Bloom Salon, and she was just bursting with excitement about her salon and the women that work for her. You can tell that she places emphasis on not only making a quality experience for her customers but also upon showing her employees how important they are. I think that is such a great mix and really makes for a business people enjoy going to.

My daughter chose to have her makeup done and her hair braided. She was quite the princess when we left! Bloom Salon did provide quite the wonderland for little girls. Just look at the makeup station:

Before leaving, my daughter spied a little cup of conversation starters. We had to participate, of course. We sat down and she read each question to me. Learning a little more about each other added that little something extra. Yapa does mean "a little something extra." So, this little extra "yapa" moment was truly appropriate!

To cap off our afternoon, Joan took a picture of u.. We made a little frame to put it in. We have quite the cute snapshot to remember the day!

Yapa Events will be working with other organizations to create unique events. Joan is so friendly, enthusiastic and enthusiastic about providing meaningful experiences. I am sure that she will be creating some fun experiences for families in the future. If you have any ideas for future events, definitely give Joan a call at (847) 496-0373 or email her at info@YapaEvents.com.

Bloom Salon is located at 20 N Vail in Arlington Heights.


  1. I love this! Now I miss my daughter even more- she's at a girl scout thing this weekend. I think I'll plan a cool outing for just the 2 of us...

    1. I love when we go on special little outings together! So fun!