A Little Time and a Keyboard: Snacks kids can make for mom for Mother's Day

Snacks kids can make for mom for Mother's Day

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kids love to pamper their mothers on Mother's Day. This pampering is well deserved! However, sometimes our kids have pretty grand schemes about what they can make for Mother's Day. Whenever my daughter mentions making me breakfast in bed, all I can think about is the inevitable mess of dishes and an interestingly flavored meal. So, I have come up with some easy snacks that she can make with her dad without the kitchen combusting or the two of them ending up in a screaming match--neither of which is fun on Mother's Day.
  • Chocolate covered strawberries: This is a classic form of pampering on Mother's Day. However, it is easily executed. Here is a simple recipe on About.com.
  • Yogurt parfait: Kids will love layering fruit, yogurt and maybe some nuts or granola in adorable sundae glasses. Fun and colorful!
  • Apples and peanut butter: Dad can help with cutting up some apples. Add a  dollop of peanut butter and, voila, and easy snack! Kids can even arrange the slices to make a design.
  • Sandwiches cut into fun shapes: Who does not like to use cookie cutters on sandwiches? You can make all sorts of fun shapes. Sur la Table has a bunch of neat shapes, so kids can pick out a special one just for mom.
  • Ready to bake crescent rolls or cinnamon rolls: Kids will still have fun preparing the rolls for baking. However, no worries about the mess of making them fresh or worries about the flavors when mixing the dough becomes less than scientific. You can even add some fruit on the side to add color and flavor.
  • Fruit kabobs: Kids love the kabob! Have some fruit and maybe some marshmallows ready for the kids to make into a kabob. Fun, fresh and cheerful!
  • Cheese plate: Cube up some of mom's favorite cheeses. Add some favorite fruit or nuts and crackers. You can put together a simple plate of munchies for mom pretty easily!
  • Chocolate drizzled popcorn: Another easy snack, chocolate drizzled popcorn will be a sweet treat for mom without a ton of calories. Snack Girl has an easy recipe.
All of these snacks are easy to concoct with little mess. Couple them with a cup of tea, a flower and maybe a book to read and mom will be set to relax for a little while. Remember, though, it is Mother's Day, so pick a treat mom will enjoy!

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  1. Yum! You had me at chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate covered pretzels are my fave too. Great post!