A Little Time and a Keyboard: Establishing Restful Sleep Patterns with Sleepy's

Establishing Restful Sleep Patterns with Sleepy's

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We all sleep. However, we do not all sleep well. There are different factors in our lives that affect how we rest. This time of year can be particularly challenging with the beginning of school and new activities. Restful sleep is so crucial to our well being and is really something that we need to prioritize. Proper rest is so crucial to our ability to focus and enjoy life.

Sleepy's, The Mattress Professionals, has recently moved into the Chicagoland area. Sleepy's takes its role of helping you sleep better very seriously and truly goes beyond selling mattresses. Recently, my daughter and I attended an event at the new Sleepy's in Glenview to meet with Sleepy's Sleep Ambassador, Nancy Rothstein, to learn about how to have a restful sleep just in time for the new school year. **You may recognize Nancy Rothstein as the author of My Daddy Snores.**

As the event began, I knew that I was going to obtain some useful knowledge geared towards improving my family's sleep habits. I do not always have what I would call a restful sleep. Judging by the way my husband and daughter are slow to move some mornings, I am sure that they don't as well. So, advice is truly welcome!

First, we learned how important quality sleep is. In fact, a recent University College London study shows how important it is for children to have regular bedtimes. Irregular bedtimes were found to disrupt a child's cognitive development. Sleep is so crucial!

Nancy Rothstein gave us some great advice that is going to provide a little challenge for us bloggers---she instructed us to put the technology away for at least 30 minutes before bed. Wait a minute--I watch TV to calm myself before bed???!!! Well, Nancy explained that our electronics emit light from the blue spectrum which actually stimulates melatonin and keeps us awake. Yikes! She even suggests using a nonelectric clock and powering down your phones until morning. I had no idea! We will need to work on this!

We learned so much during our session with Nancy Rothstein. Here are few useful tips:
  • Go to sleep positive. Look at the things that are bothering you a little differently.
  • Do not work out 3 hours before going to sleep. (This is one I need to work on!)
  • Do some stretching or yoga before bed. This will help you transition to a peaceful sleep.
  • Some sleep friendly snacks include bananas, oatmeal and tart cherries. (Sounds yummy to me!)
  • Skip the spice, alcohol and caffeine before bed.
  • Build your sleep sanctuary. Make your space cool, quiet and peaceful.
  • Reading is a good way to relax before bed. However, try not to read something too stimulating.
  • Back to those blue lights--if your child needs security at night, try a red light. Who would have thought?

Sleepy's is a family run company. So, it is so perfect that Sleep's held a "Back to School, Back to Sleep" event to help our families with establishing restful sleep patterns. Mattresses and pillows are obviously crucial to your quality of sleep. Sleepy's definitely is an expert in choosing the perfect mattress and if you stop in the store, you will be impressed by the selection available. However, I love that Sleepy's also is going beyond the mattress so to say and is providing the community with the knowledge of how to get better sleep. They even have a blog with some useful advice.

So, how is your sleep? A National Consumer Research Study has found that 76% of Americans would like to improve their sleep. Maybe one of these ideas will help you?

Sleepy's does plan on having some similar events in the future. You can keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to stop by and try their mattresses! You are sure to find a perfect one!

**Disclosure: I did receive a gift bag for attending this event. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Lots of great tips from Nancy! I too need to cut out the technology before bed!