A Little Time and a Keyboard: Orbit Skate Center: Old School Skating Fun

Orbit Skate Center: Old School Skating Fun

Sunday, August 25, 2013

**Disclosure: We received a complimentary visit to Orbit Skate Center for the purpose of performing an accurate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

My daughter and I first visited Orbit Skate Center in Palatine two years ago when she was invited to a roller skating party. Since she was a new skater, she "coerced" me into skating with her. Well, sort of with her--I refused to hold her hand because I thought that she would pull me down with her if she fell. Fast forward a couple of months and she was the one teaching me skating moves. We love Orbit Skating Center and really credit our experiences there with helping my daughter learn how to skate.

Last week, we were able to visit Orbit Skating Center for Thursday Night Family Fun Night. Orbit has numerous free skate sessions throughout each month. Several of the sessions are themed each month. Thursday nights feature organ music. I wasn't sure what to expect during a Thursday night skate, but I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a number of skaters in various age ranges. Plus, every skill level was represented--from newbies to very adept skaters showing their artistic side effortlessly. You can tell there are a lot of regulars at Orbit because a number of the skaters seemed to know each other. Fun!

Skating is one my favorite things to do with my daughter. I am not one to sit still and I love that it is something that we can do together while being active. Orbit is so fun because it is one of the old wooden roller rinks. After skating at an inline rink, I have notice what a difference that the rink makes. I love the wooden rink at Orbit!

With cooler weather around the corner, you may want to consider Orbit for an indoor activity option. Some things to know about Orbit before going:

---You can rent roller skates or roller blades.
---Orbit has a skate shop.
---You can enroll in a skate class.
---Beginners can attend a drop in class on Saturday.
---Food is available including pizza and hot dogs.
---There are lockers available for storing items while you skate.
---Theme nights can be fun at Orbit. There is an upcoming '80's theme night on Saturday September   21st from 7PM-11PM that is sure to get people moving. (There is also an 18+ skate from 11PM-1AM.)

When my daughter first learned how to skate, I brought her to one of the beginner drop in sessions at Orbit. These sessions are perfect for new skaters because all of the skaters are beginners--so no one is zooming by as the beginners learn to get confident on their skates. The instructors are wonderful at teaching new skaters how to skate and how to protect themselves when they fall. Learning to skate can be intimidating. However, the beginner lessons at Orbit make it less so.

Skating sessions at Orbit are fun! If your child is a newer skater, you may want to caution them to skate towards the outside of the rink. Skaters closer towards the center tend to skate faster. Also, I have noticed that the flooring outside of the rink is pretty slippery, so be careful when skating over towards the rink.

We love Orbit and will be returning this winter. My daughter and I love to fill up some of our winter break days skating!

Orbit Skate Center is located at 615 S Consumers Parkway in Palatine.

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