A Little Time and a Keyboard: Here We Go To Sleepy's!!!! {A Visit to Sleepy's the Mattress Professionals in Des Plaines}

Here We Go To Sleepy's!!!! {A Visit to Sleepy's the Mattress Professionals in Des Plaines}

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

**Disclosure: We did receive a complimentary gift card to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

A few weeks ago, we visited Sleepy's in Glenview to learn about truly restful sleep patterns. We had a lovely experience and learned a lot! Recently, we visited the new Sleepy's location in Des Plaines for a little shopping adventure. Sleepy's has many new locations in our area, so we were definitely curious to see another one of their stores. Plus, we are still working on our sleep sanctuary, so it was time for a little shopping!

Welcome to Sleepy's!

Although a bit smaller, the Des Plaines store is as open and welcoming as the Glenview store. To me, the stores seem very well laid out and invite exploration. We were greeted when we entered the store but not stalked, which also made us feel comfortable. I get quite snippy when I feel salespeople hovering!

We quickly arrived to the location of our newest conquest: pillows! Choosing a perfect pillow at Sleepy's was very easy. They have quite a selection of pillows designed specifically for certain sleep habits. Looking for a memory pillow--they have it. Back sleeper, stomach sleeper, side sleeper--they have pillows perfect for you.

Sleepy's has a nice display that allows you to pull out each pillow so that you can feel it and try it out.

We choose the Sleep Options Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow. I have never had a gel pillow before. I honestly cannot not truly describe how it feels. It is soft yet firm at the same time. Perfect!

After we chose our pillow and a couple of pillow covers, we went to check out. There was a little snafu with our gift card. However, the salesman was able to quickly rectify it. Issues do happen. However, the situation was corrected smoothly.

Our shopping experience at Sleepy's was as pleasant as one could expect. The freedom to try products was truly a welcome experience. Our salesperson was very friendly and attentive but not overwhelming. With how specialized Sleepy's is in regards to sleep products and identifying the perfect fit for your particular sleep pattern, don't forget to pay them a visit when you are looking for a new mattress!

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