A Little Time and a Keyboard: Melted Crayon Halloween Vase

Melted Crayon Halloween Vase

Friday, October 4, 2013

Like most of you, we have brightly colored mounds of crayon pieces. I hate to waste, so I am always trying to think of a new way to use them. This week, I melted some to make a vase using a glass jar. Since Halloween is around the corner, I used greys, whites and blacks for my vase.

To start the project, I had my daughter sort threw her crayons and pick out her white, black and grey remnants. I then broke them up and placed them in oven-safe glass bowls. Next, I preheated the oven to 350 and placed the bowls on a baking sheet covered with foil.

Once the oven was ready, I popped the sheet in for 10 minutes. I did take a peek a couple of times to see how the crayons were melted. If it looked a little uneven, I stirred with a toothpick. While the crayons were melting, I placed the jar face down on a piece of foil.

  Once the crayons were melted, I removed the sheet from the oven.

Be sure that you keep your oven mitt on for the next step. Choose one glass bowl and drip the melted wax onto the jar. Then, repeat with another color. This process goes pretty fast since the crayon wax will cool quickly. While the wax is still warm, you will want to smooth out the bottom of the vase if necessary.

The beautiful thing about wax is that once it cools, you can peel off the excess that dripped onto the foil and melt it again. It only took as a couple of rounds before we were satisfied with our vase:

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