A Little Time and a Keyboard: Taking it Easy in New Orleans

Taking it Easy in New Orleans

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last week, we hit the road heading for some warmer weather {thank goodness} and a little time to relax and take in some new scenery. We found New Orleans to be the perfect city for a little rejuvenation after surviving the first few months of school. Staring down a Chicago winter, we truly appreciated the ability to walk around this vibrant city in short sleeves. I will be writing a little more about New Orleans and Louisiana over the next couple of weeks. However, I wanted to give you a little snapshot of our discoveries.

We did not have a huge agenda for this trip. Our main goal was to walk around the French Quarter and just soak in the ambiance. Living life a bit unscripted is such a release. New Orleans truly invites exploration, so you can really enjoy weaving around the French Quarter without a true agenda.

Our New Orleans journey began at Hotel Bienville, on the outskirts of the Quarter. The entrance welcomes you with the magic that is New Orleans!

Halloween is such a day full of magic, whimsy and mystery. So, how fitting that we celebrated in New Orleans! Walking along the streets admiring the decorated balconies is an experience we will not forget. {Unfortunately, my pictures do not give these creations justice!}

Ahhhhh....the balconies....so beautiful! While strolling through New Orleans, you will see many people stopping to take a picture. You can totally see why......

You never know what you will find in the French Quarter, so keep your eyes peeled! From art and sculpture to musicians and performance artists, you will be entertained just milling around. You may even fine a medium or two or three. There are many tours in New Orleans if that is your cup of tea. However, we found enough to do just wandering.

Of course, you must stop in the French Market! This bustling market sports many food choices as well as local craftsmen selling their wares. We found one purveyor selling wall decor made from boards of homes destroyed during Katrina. What a way to turn things around!

Don't forget to stop at Cafe du Monde! When in New Orleans, you must try a beignet! They are best piping hot with an inordinate amount of powdered sugar. We grabbed ours to go and sat along Decatur Street to be in the moment. The beignets were definitely worth it! Plus, they are a great deal for families--on order consists of three beignets and the price is amazing. So, indulge!

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