A Little Time and a Keyboard: Xocai Healthy Chocolate: A Delicious Way to Help your Body {Review}

Xocai Healthy Chocolate: A Delicious Way to Help your Body {Review}

Thursday, November 7, 2013

**Disclosure: We did receive complimentary product in order to perform an accurate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% our own.

Chocolate. The word stands alone. Hearing the word easily elicits a smile. When improving our health, we often begin by chucking treat foods. Chocolate is a food we enjoy and often consider one of those treats. However, research has shown that there is nutritional benefit to dark chocolate. Finally--a treat that may actually be helping us! Recently, we met with Michelle Myers, a local distributor of Xocai, to learn about their Healthy Chocolate. She is very passionate about the health benefits of quality chocolate and wants to help us all understand what chocolate can do for us. Since we love chocolate and love supporting local businesses, we had to find out more about this healthy chocolate!

What did we learn about Xocai?

We met with Michelle a couple of weeks ago to learn about her business and Xocai Chocolate. Michelle is very down to Earth and eager to share her knowledge with you. Her family has been using Xocai products for quite some time and have been enjoying great results. Michelle is so passionate about her product and loves to share. We learned so much during our meeting!

Xocai Chocolate is very high in antioxidants. Since antioxidants are quite the powerhouses, healthy chocolate may help reduce inflammation. Inflammation causes a whole host of problems in our bodies, so reducing it is important. Xocai products are quite unique in that they are cold pressed. Cold pressed chocolate is higher in the nutrients that we are all looking for! A wonderful bonus--Xocai products do not have added fats, artificial colors or preservatives. They are sweetened with raw cane juice crystals, acai berries and blueberries. Why add junk to something that already tastes great? Xocai has a range of products including products that include a probiotic and Omega-3. Wow--these "treats" do pack a punch!

So, what did we think?

Mel's take:

Ahhhhhhhh, chocolate--how can you go wrong? Initially, I unsure how Healthy Chocolate would taste. For some reason, the idea of chocolate coated sawdust popped into my mind. I could not have been more wrong! Michelle brought several samples for us to try. Instead of nibbling, we actually let the chocolates melt in our mouths. Smooth! Did the chocolate taste medicinal---not at all! While we did  not taste enough of the chocolate to measure it for health effects in our own bodies, I did feel more peppy after having the chocolate!

I was happy to learn that Xocai Chocolate is fair trade and that Xocai contributes to initiatives helping the communities of those harvesting the cacao. I was also happy to learn that the products are made in Belgium. the U.S. and Canada. Plus, the chocolates have been tested by an independent lab for antioxidant levels. No worries here!

Kat's take:

Is there anything better than eating chocolate?  Yes, if the chocolate you're eating can help build your health!  Mel and I had the pleasure of sampling a variety of products from Xocai Healthy Chocolate, which purports to have very high antioxidant levels in its chocolate.  (How high?  One square is said to be the equivalent - antioxidant-wise - of a half pound of spinach). Xocai recommends consuming three squares of its chocolate daily for optimum health benefits.  I enjoyed all that I tried, especially their XoBiotic Square, which combines high antioxidant levels with probiotics.  And in case you were wondering, despite all the good-for-you ingredients, these chocolates rated highly on my taste test. I'm a dark chocolate girl, and there was nothing bitter, chalky or inferior about Xocai.  They were among the best I've had.

How to learn more:

The best way for you to learn about Xocai Chocolate is by attending an information session or by contacting Michelle. Michelle is a fountain of knowledge and uses the products herself. So, you can hear about her family's experience with Xocai. She can also explain how you can order the chocolate and ways to get more bang for your buck!

The next tasting event is at 6:30PM on November 21 at North Shore Medical Center, Your Medicos, SC at 1300 Busch Parkway in Buffalo Grove. You can RSVP for the event by calling Michelle at 847-414-1235. Space is limited, so RSVP! If you can't make it and are interested, give Michelle a call! For our friends not in the Chicagoland ares, Michelle can help you as well! There may be consultant in your area and the chocolate is shipped!

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