A Little Time and a Keyboard: Wonderland Express at the Chicago Botanic Garden {Indoor Winter Fun}

Wonderland Express at the Chicago Botanic Garden {Indoor Winter Fun}

Saturday, December 28, 2013

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Yesterday, we needed to get out of the house a little bit. My daughter and I have both been up and down health wise. In the afternoon, we were finally feeling well enough to escape the confines of our prison--ummm, house. We decided we needed to get out a bit, so we headed to the Chicago Botanic Garden to visit the Wonderland Express. I felt that a visit to the botanic garden would be perfect--providing us with much needed fresh air plus an inside attraction that we had never explored before.

The Wonderland Express is set up in several rooms. The first room has gingerbread houses, some interesting Christmas trees and wreaths and, of course, trains! The second room is a mini-Chicago with trains zooming through, around and all over. We were pretty impressed by all of the details in both the structures and the foliage. The winter scene was really set and snow was even falling! Take a look at few of our pictures.

While walking through, my daughter tried to identify as many landmarks as she could! Fun!

The next room has a small version of the Chicago Botanic Garden. During our exploration, I could not believe how lush all of the vegetation was. Plus, so many of the plants represented their much larger counterparts perfectly--except in miniature! The dwarf conifers especially are amazing!

You will also find a room full of family activities like making bird feeders and snowflakes. Plus, there is a little cafe for you to pick up a treat. People do tend to rest here, so it can get a little crowded.

There is also a small gift shop as well as easy access to restrooms. If you interested in how the exhibit comes together, there is a video for you to watch.

After our walk through the Wonderland Express, we enjoyed a little more of the fresh air on our way back to the Visitor's Center. You can also visit the greenhouses for a little warmth in the middle of winter!

We enjoyed this festive, snow-covered train exhibit! It is a bit on the pricey-side. However, the amazing display is something that you will want to see at least once. You do not have to be a train enthusiast to enjoy! The Wonderland Express is a fun little escape!

**Before you enter the exhibit, be sure to download the SCVNGR app from iTunes or Google Play. Once you complete the hunt, you will receive the reward of a free hot chocolate!

The Wonderland Express will be chugging along until January 5, 2013. You can check the website for more details and to purchase tickets. You may purchase ticket at the botanic garden as well. There was a deal through Discover Card going on when we visited, so be sure to check for deals!

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