A Little Time and a Keyboard: Dinner at the Glenview House {New Twists and Old Favorites}

Dinner at the Glenview House {New Twists and Old Favorites}

Monday, December 30, 2013

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

A couple of nights ago, we found ourselves kid-free for the evening. We had tried the Glenview House some time ago and wanted to come back again to explore some other menu options. We thought that our date night was the perfect night to try Glenview House again. We visited pretty early on a Saturday evening and we were relieved to find the restaurant to be not too busy. There was a liveliness to it, but not crowded.

The Glenview House inhabits a lovely old brick building that has long served as a tavern. There are several floors to the building. On our first visit, we were able to sit upstairs. We found the upstairs to be elegant and nice and quiet. On  this occasion, we sat downstairs because the upstairs floor had been reserved. The downstairs is the bar area, so if you are there for the tavern feel, this is where you would want to eat.

We were seated quickly but were a little disappointed to be sitting downstairs. Since the restaurant was not crowded, though, the area did not get as noisy as it could have. Phew! In the future, if we ware looking for somewhere for a drink with a more boisterous yet comfortable atmosphere, the Glenview House would be on our list.

For our meal, we ordered a Caesar salad to share as well as our own meals. The Caesar salad was large with a healthy sprinkle of shredded Parmesan cheese. To me, shredded Parmesan has been the mark of a better than average Caesar salad. The powdered stuff just isn't good! I would definitely order this salad again!

The Glenview House crafts its meals from fresh, locally sourced items. The menu exhibits a more seasonal flare. We learned that the current menu was pretty new. For my dinner, I chose the scallops with beet risotto. The beets gave the risotto a pink hue as well as a sweet flavor. The scallops were seared and well cooked. I enjoyed the dish but would liked a little less risotto and some more veggies. I love the use of beets for the risotto--the hue makes the dish interesting.

My husband opted for the roasted turkey sandwich. As you can see, the sandwich comes fully stacked on toasted brioche. This sandwich will definitely fill you up!

We enjoyed our meal at the Glenview House. The menu certainly has an interesting mix of comfort foods alongside unique gastropub selections. If you are looking for a more elegant setting, verify that you can sit upstairs. If you are looking for a good meal and some fun, the downstairs area will work!

On this visit, we did not have a dessert. You can see our previous post about dessert at the Glenview House for more!

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  1. This would actually be nice for a work lunch, but I just realized they aren't open for lunch every day except Friday. Will keep it in mind! How have I not been here yet?