A Little Time and a Keyboard: 8 Ways to Include your Children in Valentine's Day Preparations

8 Ways to Include your Children in Valentine's Day Preparations

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My daughter always wants to help make a holiday perfect--which I admire. However, there are some elements of preparation that she just is not ready for. So, it is helpful to have ideas for ways that she can help and contribute to the day. Here are some easy ideas for letting your little ones help and add something special to Valentine's Day:
  • Flowers: You can allow your kids to choose flowers for you or your spouse. Let them choose a vase and even arrange the selection.
  • Make chocolate dipped strawberries: Chocolate dipped strawberries are pretty simple to make and you can add more fun by adding Valentine's Day sprinkles. Check Food Network for a simple recipe.
  • Heart shaped confetti: There are a couple of ways to do this. You can purchase one of the scrapping punches from a craft store and use that to punch out hearts. Or, if your children are more adept at cutting out hearts {i.e. not apt to have a meltdown}, they can cut out the hearts themselves. They do not need to be tiny. Have the kids choose their own paper. When they are finished, they can sprinkle the confetti on the dinner table and then set the rest of the table.
  • Placemats: Put the kids to work making festive paper placements for Valentine's Day dinner. Once they are dry and ready, the kids can set the table! 
  • Bingo: Instead of making a Bingo game yourself, show the kids how to make a Bingo card and put them to work. Let them cut out hearts for their markers and make little pieces of paper with numbers to be drawn. Play Bingo by candlelight for something special and have some little rewards.
  • Surprise Valentine's: Don't forget older neighbors that may not have many visitors. Let the kids make some Valentine's cards for neighbors and then deliver them.
  • Appreciation Valentine's: Often, we forget to tell each other what we like about each other. Have the kids make Valentine's for each family member and either list or draw pictures about what they appreciate it about that person.
  • Spreading the Love: Over Valentine's Day dinner, discuss with the kids how you can spread your love to others during the year. Maybe you would like to donate to an animal shelter or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Come up with an idea that is feasible for your family and think of a plan to put it in action!
Do you have any fun ways to let the kids in on the fun?

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