A Little Time and a Keyboard: Sisters Giving Hope: Children Spreading Love To Those With Serious Illness

Sisters Giving Hope: Children Spreading Love To Those With Serious Illness

Sunday, February 9, 2014

As part of sharing your love during the month of February, we would like to introduce you to ways in which you can help the world around you. We also would like to show you some of the inspiring and innovative ways others are changing the world.

Sometimes to find motivation in ourselves, all we need to do is look at the wonderful, warm-hearted children around us. This past winter, I learned about a local charity created by three young girls called Sisters Giving Hope. Kayli, Georgia and Cassidy have used different fundraising ideas in order to earn money to help families facing life altering illnesses. The girls began their journey with making jewelry to sell to raise funds for these families and have branched out into other fundraising concepts to make a positive impact. 

Recently, I contacted Kayli, Georgia and Cassidy's mother, Dana. Dana was so gracious to answer some questions about the charity so that I could introduce Sisters Giving Hope to you along with their newest initiative.

How did you come up with the idea for your charity?

My daughter Georgie received a simple jewelry making kit from me (mom) for Christmas 2013 and my oldest daughter, Kayli, said "mom, we should make jewelry, sell them, and give the money to people in need."

What have you found to be the most rewarding?

To speak in behalf of my kids, "Sisters Giving Hope," I would have to say that the most rewarding part of this whole journey since their organization has set sail is the long lasting memories we have made together. The girls have witnessed and met all sorts of people while changing the lives of others through their fundraising. So many people have told them "thank you" for what they do. I as their mom, believe that this is going to put a permanent stamp in their minds that they have made a difference in this world.

What is your favorite benefit that you have done?

Out of the many people that the girls have touched, I'd have to say that the girls favorite benefit has to be "Colton's Fundraiser for his stem cell treatment". My kids also loved the Holiday Benny's Bazaar. This was a craft show with booths for kids to sell their homemade stuff.

How do you typically connect with the families that you help?

We choose families or individuals by people nominating them through a letter sent to us via email. We launch our end to one fundraiser, and announce the beginning of a new one. Even though it seems as if we are just picking one person/family at a time, we are constantly serving by helping

Sisters Giving Hope is currently raising money to join the Dance Marathon for Lurie Children's Hospital. Participants will dance for13.1 hours. The money they raise will benefit children at Lurie Children's Hospital.

How does the Dance Marathon work and how can people help you?

Dance Marathon is our latest fundraiser. Because we know so many kids that receive care down at Lurie Children's Hospital, including our great friend Rosie Colucci, the Dance Marathon sounded fitting. We joined Rosie's Team (she is the captain) and then in turn like a pyramid effect, we then joined our own team. If people would like to help out we are asking people to buy products at different posted locations and/or donating to support the cause on our Dance page or simply make a donation on this site or go to www.facebook.com/sistersgivinghope.

How else can others help you?

At different times in "Sisters Giving Hope's" serving projects there are many different ways to help. Right now we are hoping that someone joins our "DANCE MARATHON" team which in turn will help us raise even more money. We are always looking for different art items to sell at our booths that we occasionally set up on location. We are always accepting mail orders of already made Rainbow Loom bracelets or any other homemade items. Currently the girls have created rings to sell as another line item for their collection.

A peek at the collection:


What items do you sell via orders?

We sell rainbow loom bracelets $3, Hope Ropes (homemade jump ropes) $10, Loom Key Chains with charms $5, Copper rings $5. All items can be found online. All items can be made custom.

For fun, what are your favorite hobbies?

Kayli (9) loves sports, she loves violin, and she loves to make the products for her organization. Cassidy (7) loves gymnastics and basketball, she also loves to do art, play with friends and write in her many journals. Georgie (7) loves soccer and basketball, she also enjoys hip hop dance, helping people in anyway, and loves to make the products for her organization.

Our main goal for Sisters Giving Hope is to touch as many lives as we possible can. My children have HUGE hearts and love what they are doing. Without my kids' dedication, willingness, and hard work Sisters Giving Hope would not be possible. I couldn't be more proud of my girls, they inspire me to be a better person. Our goal is to get other children involved in the importance of fundraising, caring about other people and educating people that they can make a change in someone's life too.

Please head over to Sisters Giving Hope's Facebook Page and give them a like. You can also see more information about how you can help them achieve their goal of joining Dance Marathon or assist in other service projects.


  1. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing what these sisters and their mom are doing to make a difference and help families who can benefit from their work and kind hearts.

    1. Yes, these girls are amazing! So inspiring--I had to share them with the world!