A Little Time and a Keyboard: Empty Nest: Strategies to Help Your Kids Take Flight {Book Review}

Empty Nest: Strategies to Help Your Kids Take Flight {Book Review}

Friday, April 18, 2014

**Disclosure: We received a complimentary book as part of our membership in Off the Shelf. No compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

Empty Nest: Strategies to Help Your Kids Take Flight is a new book by Marci Seither that serves as a guide to help parents gently navigate changes as their children leave home. While my daughter is still many years from leaving home, I thought that this would be an interesting read. As my daughter is progressing through elementary school, she is becoming more and more independent. So, I find our relationship rapidly changing as my daughter experiences more of the world without dear old mom at her side. While I am glad for some extra time to be me, there are times that I am wondering what she is up to at whatever function she is attending.

Empty Nest incorporates a combination of strategies to help parents sort out how they are feeling and how to proceed on their new path. Marci draws from her own experience, the experience of other parents and children, spiritual quotes, and a thought question complete with space for making notes. I love that the book is peppered with tidbits and strategies from parents and their "launched" children. Each gives the perspective that all though we all will see our children grow into adults, the way each will launch will be different and that is ok.

Marci adeptly touches on subjects that parents may not think of as their children fly off. One that really struck me is that we need to lay the groundwork for our child's departure well before that day comes. She stresses special bonding time with your children while giving them the space they need to become their own strong adults before launching. This may help you from becoming entirely shell shocked when they leave. Additionally, beginning with your child's younger years, carve out some time for yourself. Spend time with your spouse sans kids, learn a new skill, grow as your kids grow!

Empty Nest is a wonderful volume for all parents whether they are standing at the edge of a new world without their children or their children are still younger. As our children grow, they are always stepping further and further away. So tips from this book can help with these transitions and provide gentle reminders about how to handle when our children leave. Marci's book will help you handle your new found time while still maintaining a quality and supportive relationship with your child. A lovely book!

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  1. Thanks so much for kind words about "Empty Nest:Strategies To Help your Kids Take Flight"!

    This is a book I wished I had when our oldest two kids were stretching their wings and leaving the nest.Our oldest daughter graduated from high school a semester early and moved to Saipan for 6 months..the following month our oldest son left for Marine Corp bootcamp.We still ha 4 kids at home, our youngest was in 1st grade, so my nest was a long ways from being empty but I was not prepared for the transition.

    So glad you liked the book! The dishes and laundry can wait..take time to make a memory with your kids!