Saturday, April 19, 2014

Live Cake Auction at Norton's U.S.A. to Benefit Barrington Relay for Life {May 10, 2014}

Participate in an Old Fashioned Cake Auction to Help Everyone Celebrate More Birthdays:

The Saturday {May 10, 2014} before Mother's Day, Norton's U.S.A. will be hosting a Live Auction Cake Sale to benefit Barrington's Relay for Life! This is the third year that Norton's U.S.A. will be hosting the lively event. Last year, the event earned $1,900 for Relay for Life! You can participate by donating a delicious cake, participating in the spirited auction or both! Since the event is the day before Mother's Day, why not pick up a lovely, freshly baked caked for Mom? For those that may be unfamiliar with Norton's U.S.A., Norton's is a General Store in Barrington only selling products made in the U.S.A. So, this event is so fitting--what says America better than an old fashioned cake auction to benefit a great cause? Above is a picture of one of the delightful treats from last year's event. The auction will definitely be the place to pick up a treat for Mother's Day! For more information about the event, take a peek below:

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