A Little Time and a Keyboard: Having a Bite to Eat in Vieux-Montréal: Olive and Gourmando, Restaurant Creperie Chez Suzette and Les Délices de l'Érable

Having a Bite to Eat in Vieux-Montréal: Olive and Gourmando, Restaurant Creperie Chez Suzette and Les Délices de l'Érable

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Cajun Chicken Sandwich from Olive + Gourmando

Of course, every adventurer must eat. You could bring a bag packed full of power bars, I suppose, But, that wouldn't be fun!

While researching for our trip to Montréal, I read rave reviews of Olive and Gourmando again and again. Since the restaurant was not located far from Pointe-à-Callière, which we visited earlier in the day, we opted to give it a try. We arrived about 1PM and there was a line nearly out the door. The place to be! When we entered, we noted that Olive and Gourmando is an upscale sandwich shop with invitingly decadent bakery items as well! We knew that we would enjoy our meal here! After a short wait, we sat down at a table and enjoyed the boisterously happy atmosphere. We ordered two sandwiches, a salad, a soup and a raspberry lemonade. {When traveling with a little one, lemonades are a must!} Here is a look at our HUGE and DELICIOUS meal:

The Green Salad--which I loved and had to finish even though I was stuffed!

The hubby's red pepper soup:

My daughter loved the heart-shaped Reuben!

Stopping at old favorites:

Because we are also creatures of habit, we visited Restaurant Creperie Chez Suzette. On our very first trip to Montréal we visited Chez Suzette and have stopped in each time since. Not bad for a place that we originally stopped at because it was near our hotel and it was pouring! We make a point of trying a different crêpe each time. So far, we have enjoyed everything that we have tried. My daughter tends to stay on the more traditional side--hence her ham and cheese crêpe. My husband and I usually opt for something different, so this time we tried L'Argenteuil which was full of asparagus topped with cheese sauce and pine nuts. A great combo! They do have other items such as salads, sandwiches and quiches but we come for the crêpes.

The adorable cafe:

Time to eat our crêpe:

Ham and cheese with a little maple syrup to jazz it up, if you like!

Something sweet:

Of course, we had to sample some maple syrup while in Quebec--especially since we were visiting during maple tapping season. We visited Les Délices de l'Érable, a shop dedicated to everything maple syrup! Maple syrup is truly part of the flavor of the region, so how can you visit without trying!Les Délices is a friendly store with plenty of maple syrup temptations including baked goodies. You can sample different types of maple syrup as well as dressing, spreads and more made with maple syrup. The employees were very friendly and even showed us a neat maple syrup delight--we drizzled maple syrup on ice, stuck a tongue depressor on it and when it froze, rolled it up for a sweet treat. Pretty cool, sweet and refreshing! We left with a lovely little bottle of amber maple syrup-- can't wait to use it in my oatmeal! Also, if you visit be sure to take a look at the museum in the basement.

Don't forget to stop here when in Montréal:

We really love Montréal! The food, culture and history certainly do not disappoint! The people are friendly and the ambiance is just perfect for this family. The city is like none other and we highly recommend Montréal as a vacation destination. I can't wait until we go back.....

À la prochaine fois, Montréal!

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