A Little Time and a Keyboard: A Day at Wagner Farm: Rural Living Smack in the Middle of Chicago's Suburbs

A Day at Wagner Farm: Rural Living Smack in the Middle of Chicago's Suburbs

Saturday, April 26, 2014

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If you are driving on Lake through Glenview, you may notice something that looks out of place. Yes, those really are cows and horses in the field. You have just stumbled on Wagner Farm. Wagner Farm has been on our list for a little family fun ever since we stumbled on it years ago. In fact, my daughter spent many Wednesday afternoons there when she attended preschool in the area. When my 2-year-old nephew came for a visit, Wagner topped our list as a place he would love. Of course, it did not disappoint.

**Fact: Wagner Farm is one of the last working dairy farms in Cook County!

The farm is not expansive, however there is plenty of kids to do for an hour or so outing. Walking around the farm is fun because it gives you a chance to visit with farm animals. Draft horses, cows, chickens and more populate the farm. My daughter and her cousin had quite a time canvassing the farm and checking out the animals. There is also a garden area to check out but not much was cooking when we visited due to the LONG winter and that our visit was during early April.

The Heritage Center is open for hands-on fun year round. Inside, The Heritage Center has a wagon that kids love climbing into, a "cow" to be milked, eggs to be gathered, hay to be stored and more. One of the newer additions to the farm is a real silo. You can climb up the silo for a view of the center fun. You can also build your own silo up top.

We love Wagner Farm for those days where we need to get out but just do not know what to do. There is not a huge amount to do but it makes for a little fun morning or afternoon adventure. The Farm is especially great for younger kids because there are plenty of hands-on activities to keep them busy yet there is not so much to do that they will get overwhelmed. You can even couple your trip with a picnic for a pleasant afternoon!

Things to know:

  • Admission is free unless there is a special event.
  • Wagner Farm has an Ice Cream Parlor open during the summer. You may want to check if it is open before visiting.
  • There is a farmers' market during the summer.
  • You can sign up for special programs through the Glenview Park District.
  • Check the website before visiting because the farm may be closed to the public if there is a special event.
  • There is a gift shop and yes, they do have old fashioned candy sticks!
**Fact: Wagner Farm became the home of the Glenview Farmers' Market in 2007. The Market saw over 16,000 customers that summer.

Wagner Farm is located at 1510 Wagner Road in Glenview. The Farm is open Monday-Saturday 9AM-5PM and 9AM-3PM on Sunday.

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