A Little Time and a Keyboard: Festive Cardstock Christmas Ornament Craft

Festive Cardstock Christmas Ornament Craft

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Each season, I enjoy working on a little craft with my daughter. I have been spying cardstock ornaments pop up all over the past few weeks and thought hmmmm....I think we could work on one of these together! I found one over at Hometown Perch that is PERFECT for children my daughter's age so we gave it a whirl. I am glad we tried because it really is an excellent project for 9-year-olds. Now that I have worked on a couple with her, she can easily do some on her own! Plus, they are cute!




First, we measured out our strips of cardstock. We made our original ornament out of five strips. However, the second one with seven strips was fuller and more appealing (in our opinions). Each strip was 3/4 inches wide. For the smaller ornament. we cut out two 9" long strips, two 8" long strips and one 7" long strip. For the larger, we added two 10" long strips.

After cutting out the strips, we lined one end of each strip up to make the top of the ornament. We stapled the strips together. They should be lined up with the shortest in the middle and then one of each size on either side (the longest on the outside).

Next, we bowed one side stapling it to the base of the shortest strip.

We repeated on the other side.

Finally, we stapled a piece of ribbon to the top so we could hang our new ornament.

What a cute project! You may also find this a good way to reuse wrapping paper if you have some that is stiff enough to hold the shape.

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