A Little Time and a Keyboard: Birdseed Ornaments {Family Activity}

Birdseed Ornaments {Family Activity}

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Looking for a craft that is fun for the family and functional as well? This week we worked on Birdseed Ornaments! They were pretty easy to do and will surely make our resident birds pretty happy!

What you need:

1/2 cup water
1 packet gelatin
3 cups birdseed
olive oil
cookie cutters (Mason jar lids work, too!)
aluminum foil or wax paper
chopstick/skewer (something to make a hole)


Put birdseed in a big bowl. Prepare cookie cutters by rubbing inside with a little olive oil. Place cutters on a baking sheet lined with either aluminum foil or wax paper. Heat water up until right before it boils. Whisk the water and gelatin together. Mix water/gelatin mix in with birdseed.

Scoop mixture into prepared cookie cutters.

Use some type of utensil to make a small hole in each. (Caution: make the hole closer to center--if it is on the very top the ornament may be too heavy and more likely to fall. We lost a couple this way.) Let ornaments dry. Ours took about a day because some were fairly thick. Also, at some point flip them over to help the other side air dry.

Once they are dry, carefully coax them out of the cutters. Then, string with the twine and hang.

Instead of stringing by a hole, you can also wrap the twine around the ornament to hang it up.

An easy and functional project that the kids can help with!

Tip: Some of the seeds will flake off. Keep them to toss out for the birds as well!

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