A Little Time and a Keyboard: Raupp Museum: A Hidden Treasure in Buffalo Grove

Raupp Museum: A Hidden Treasure in Buffalo Grove

Monday, January 26, 2015

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An afternoon on a cold, snowy day inspired us to make an afternoon visit to one of our favorite spots for a little aside, the Raupp Museum. The museum is tucked away in residential Buffalo Grove so it is very easy to miss. However, it is really worth veering off the normal paths through the area.

The museum unravels the history of Buffalo Grove in two different galleries. One gallery tells the story of Buffalo Grove from early Native American settlement to present time. History is laid out with several recreated scenes and many artifacts. The exhibits flow well and they are not huge, so truly approachable for children.

The second gallery was recently renovated. We have not been to the museum since this renovation, so we were pretty excited to check it out! The gallery showcases businesses from the early 1900's. The railroad was very important during this period of time, so the gallery includes a mini train station and information about the railroad in the area. There is even a computer for trying out Morse Code!

The gallery also includes a General Store with plenty of hands-on items allowing kids a more up close experience with history. My daughter enjoyed trying out everything she could get her hands on!

Nearby, there is a greenhouse representing the many nurseries in the area. I didn't know much about the history of nurseries in the Chicago suburbs so it added a little extra curiosity for me! In the nursery area, kids can pick and sort flowers--pretty fun!

We really love to visit the Raupp Museum when we are looking for a short aside. The museum is the perfect size if you have just an hour or so to spare. Since it is not overwhelming, you do not feel rushed and can actually take a calm stroll through it. There are always scavenger hunts available at the front desk, so definitely pick one up! During the summer and other break times there are free crafts, so remember to check the offerings. Also, special exhibits are housed from time to time in the basement so there may be something to check out there too!

The Raupp Museum is located at 901 Dunham Lane in Buffalo Grove. It is open Monday-Thursday 11:00AM-4:30PM and Sunday 1PM-4PM. Admission is free but donations are welcome.

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