A Little Time and a Keyboard: A Walk at Gallery Park in Glenview

A Walk at Gallery Park in Glenview

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Right near The Glen Town Center is Gallery Park along Lake Glenview. We like to visit Gallery Park every now and then for a change of scenery. Also, we find it a pleasant place to walk before or after a meal at The Glen Town Center. Even though the season is very young, we found the park to be full of life on our recent visit this past weekend.

The lake was still frozen making it fun to watch the geese walk on the lake.

There are all sorts of avenues for fun at Gallery Park including tennis courts and a nice sized playground called Little Bear Park. In the summer, there is a splash pad area in the playground and you can see plenty of kids splashing around! However, there is sand in the park so watch out! Little Bear Park is also the site of the Storybook Trail sponsored by the Glenview Park District, the Bike Glenview Initiative and the Glenview Public Library. The next Storybook Trail begins on April 12 and will be presenting Yummy Yummy! Food for my Tummy! by Sam Lloyd. Nearby is also the Park Center facility which provides more options.

The Glen Town Center itself is a pretty interesting landmark. The Glen Town Center consists of portions of the old Naval Air Station. The likes of Neil Armstrong, George H. W. Bush and Gerald Ford once walked there. You can still see the control tower while walking around. There also are commemorative statues and plaques. A bit of history in a new shopping district!

You can make quite a day of it! Spend some time at the park or walking the trails. Have lunch before or after. Also, visit one of The Glen Town Center's stores like The Book Market or take in a movie. Or, how about a cooking class at the Flavor Pot? The Kohl Children's Museum is also nearby with amazing exhibits for kids' exploration. Sounds like an easy way to make a complete outing!

Gallery Park is located off of Patriot Blvd. near The Glen Town Center. The Glen Town Center is located on Tower Drive in Glenview.

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