A Little Time and a Keyboard: Anderson's Candy Shop {Barrington}

Anderson's Candy Shop {Barrington}

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chocolate tastes so much better when it is fresh and handmade! That is why I am entirely fortunate to not live very far from Anderson's Candy Shop in Barrington. The Anderson family has been making chocolate confections in Richmond, Illinois for three generations--since the 1920's! A few years ago, the family opened a second shop in Barrington giving more families an option to enjoy their delights!

In the past, we would visit the Richmond location once in awhile on a return trip from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin back to our home in the Chicago suburbs. Often, this would entail enjoying ice cream and perhaps a chocolate treat or two. However, our trips were sporadic. Now that a location of Anderson's is closer to home, we visit every couple of months. One must satiate the sweet tooth, right?

The Barrington location is a relatively small shop but wow there is a lot of chocolate inside! My favorites by far are the candy bars. Amazingly, Anderson's has over 30 flavors which translates into two walls full of choices. They are certainly a departure from standard candy bars found at the grocery store--using handmade recipes passed down through the generations really makes a difference. The centers are even made in a copper kettle over an antique stove! Cream centers, chewy centers, crunchy centers--there is something for everyone! The chocolate is very smooth and melts in your mouth!

Another of our favorites is the chocolate dipped ginger. In fact, Anderson's is the first place that I have ever had chocolate dipped ginger. Amazing!

Often when I am in Barrington, I like to stop in Anderson's to grab a little something sweet. Everyone is always friendly there making it a nice hometown shop. They do participate in Barrington's Wine Walks, so a further incentive to go! The store offers many temptations as well as elegant boxes for giving as gifts. A delectable shop worth the visit!

Anderson's in Barrington is located at 128 E. Main Street.

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. I just love Anderson's chocolate and wanted to share with my audience.

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