A Little Time and a Keyboard: A Merry Siggi's Christmas Craft & Giveaway!

A Merry Siggi's Christmas Craft & Giveaway!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

We love, love, love siggi's skyr in our house so it is fitting to celebrate Christmas with our favorite Icelandic yogurt! Siggi's has more protein the standard yogurt, so it is the perfect snack to provide a bit of a pick-me-up when scrambling around shopping and finishing last minute holiday to-do's. Siggi's also uses simple, natural ingredients so you know what you are getting. Let's face it, during the rush of the holidays we often grab whatever is easy without a care about ingredients. So, it is nice to know that siggi's is not full of junk.

Siggi's Christmas Tree Craft:

As you can see, siggi's comes in handy, recyclable yogurt cups with paper sleeves. I have found that the cups are also adaptable for crafts and made a little Christmas tree to celebrate the holidays!

To make the Christmas tree, removed the paper sleeve from the three siggi's yogurt cups. Then, cover each with a new sleeve of green construction paper. You do not need to glue the paper entirely on the cup. I just tacked it a little near the rim and glued together the seam. Then, add any types of ornaments and flare that you would like. This is a pretty easy craft for the kids, so a nice project to have them do during the holidays.

Scratching your head about what siggi's is?

Siggi's is skyr which is a traditional Icelandic yogurt. I like it because it is a bit thicker than standard yogurt and seems to fill me up better. While I would need to eat a whole cup of yogurt to feel satiated, I only need half a cup of siggi's. The protein punch is definitely noticeable and really needed in the midst of a busy day. Plus, the simple ingredients create wonderful flavors especially my favorite---raspberry! I love having the confidence that no artificial ingredients are used. How did I discover skyr? Skyr is one of those loves that I have brought back from my travels. I visited Iceland for the first time four years ago and enjoyed the treat while visiting the famous Blue Lagoon! I have been hooked since! So, if  you are looking for a taste of Iceland here in the US--check out siggi's! I always recommend it to friends getting ready to visit Iceland for the first time!

Stunning, magical Iceland:

Want to try some? 

We are a doing a super-quick giveaway that ends tomorrow of four cups of siggi's! Merry Christmas! Enter below: a Rafflecopter giveaway