A Little Time and a Keyboard: Scenes from Juneau, Alaska

Scenes from Juneau, Alaska

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cruise docking in Juneau, Alaska
Docking in Juneau, Alaska
In Alaska, stunning and pristine landscapes abound. On our trek from Ketchikan to Juneau, we entered to Endicott Fjord encountering magnificent scenery at every turn. Our cruise entered a protected area where harbor seals have and raise their young. There are no words for the experience of seeing these lovely creatures resting on icebergs.
Seal on an iceberg in Endicott Arm Fjord
Seal on an iceberg in Endicott Arm Fjord
As we approached Juneau, we were entranced by waterfalls, mountains, snow caps, glaciers, icebergs and pines.

Waterfall near Juneau, Alaska
Tucked away is a majestic waterfall.
Our boat landed on a berth about a mile walk from Juneau. The walk was fairly easy and treated us to the sight of regal eagles nesting in a tree. While in Alaska, we heard that you can spot the eagles by looking for "golf balls" in the trees. This certainly was the case in Juneau!

Eagles in a tree in Juneau, Alaska
A pair of eagles or "golf balls" resting in a tree!
We opted to visit Alaska's capital city before and after our dog sled adventure. So, we had plenty of time to look around. The Mount Roberts Tramway is one Juneau experience visitors love for stunning views. Once visitors arrive to the Mountain House on Mount Roberts, guests can enjoy the Nature Center or embark on a hike. We didn't ride this time but maybe on a future visit! 

Mount Roberts Tram in Juneau, Alaska
Mount Roberts Tram climbing to a magnificent view!
Many of the first shops we encountered are your typical cruise haunts. So, I recommend going deeper into Juneau if time allows. We shopped at Caribou Crossings which does have Alaskan made gifts. Another tip--research stores in Alaskan ports before going. That way, it will be easier to find locally made gifts. Two symbols that help include a polar bear "Made in Alaska" symbol and a silver hand symbol signifying a piece handcrafted by an Alaskan Native. Caribou Crossings represents over 60 Alaskan artists--so a great place to explore!

Typical cruise shops in Juneau--search further into the city.
Typical cruise shops in Juneau--search further into the city.
For a bite, we visited Tracy's King Crab Shack. Located along the wharf in the tourist area, the shack may be a little pricey. But, we sure did enjoy it! King crab leg, crab bisque, crab sandwich, crab cakes, shrimp, Alaskan beer and much more! Plus, the little shack set up with picnic tables is quite fun. We had the shrimp and crab cakes--yum!

Dining at Tracys King Crab Shack in Juneau

Crab Cakes and Shrimp from Tracys Crab Shack in Juneau, Alaska
Crab cakes & shrimp! Yum!
Including our exhilarating dog sled ride, we experienced a very well-rounded day exploring Juneau! The city afforded the perfect setting to absorb the treasures of Alaska!

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