A Little Time and a Keyboard: Illinois Friends: Time to Check For Unclaimed Property with ICash

Illinois Friends: Time to Check For Unclaimed Property with ICash

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Illinois Treasurer's ICash Program Details

**Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by "ICash". All opinions are 100% my own and I am happy to share this with my audience because the program may be of use to them.

We have all done it -- lost track of a check or forgotten about the remaining balance in an old account. What you may not know is that the Illinois Treasure safeguards the unclaimed property of millions of Illinois residents. This amounts to about $2.5 billion in unclaimed cash. Wow! That is a lot of property that can be put to good use.

With so much property safeguarded, you may feel a little trepidation in pursuing missing property, or concerned about facing a cumbersome process. Fortunately, the Illinois Treasurer has a simple program called "I-Cash" where you can easily discover and claim any outstanding property. I tried it last week with my husband and quickly learned that he has an outstanding PayPal amount that he totally forgot about. Hmmmmm...that can come pretty handy at the holidays! Plus, my birthday is around the corner...I'm just saying...

Discover lost property in Illinois via ICash

The process is simple. Just head to IllinoisTreasurer.gov/ICASH. Then, fill in your name and zip code and hit search to see if there is any outstanding property in your name! Each year the program helps reunite tens of thousands of Illinoisans with forgotten property. Score! Amazingly, 1 in 4 Illinois residents find unclaimed property when they search.

You may be wondering what types of unclaimed property may be discovered -- I know I was certainly curious! Property may include assets from banks, insurance companies, utilities and more that the institutions were unable to return. This can include money in unclaimed bank accounts, insurance and utility refunds, matured CDs, stocks, contents of safe deposit boxes and more. The property doesn't only belong to individuals but to small businesses, nonprofits, government entities and more. So check away! Property has been reunited with residents across the state.

Unclaimed property reunited with Illinoisans via ICash.
Unclaimed property reunited with Illinoisans via ICash.

What happens if you do find property?

  • Identify your properties and provide your contact information online.
  • Within minutes, "I-Cash" will email you a claim form to sign and mail along with proof of ownership to claim your assets.
  • Mail back your signed claim form and ownership proof, and you will receive your cash within weeks.
  • Check back every six months because hundreds of thousands of new properties are added to the Illinois Treasurer’s "I-Cash" program throughout each year.
As you can see the process is very simple, so why not give it a try! You may find a treasure! 

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