A Little Time and a Keyboard: Jolane's in Glenview Serves Up Delicious Home Cooking

Jolane's in Glenview Serves Up Delicious Home Cooking

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jolane's restaurant in Glenview, IL

Jolane's in Glenview is a great location for a family, home-cooked meal. We have celebrated a few family occasions there and find it to be a comfortable location if we want a meal with all the trimmings but not make it at home!

The story of Jolane's restaurant in Glenview, IL.

The restaurant features contemporary cuisine while also sporting some traditional European favorites like schnitzel and goulash. Jolane, the inspiration for the dining establishment, was born in Korompa on the Austrian-Hungarian border in 1906. As a young child, Jolane arrived in America coming through Ellis Island where she was almost turned away due to an eye ailment. Once in America, Jolane was quite a trailblazer graduating from college with an accounting degree and becoming one of the first women to drive a car in the 1920's. Together, Jolane and her husband opened an electronics store in Logan Square in 1936. The couple worked many long hours while raising a family. The family's business became very successful. However, Jolane relished her time as a mother and always had a hot meal on the table even while working hard supporting the business.

Honey-Lime Shrimp Salad at Jolane's Restaurant in Glenview, IL
Honey-Lime Shrimp Salad 
As you can imagine, we have enjoyed quite a few meals at Jolane's over the years! We have visited for family meals and date nights. They have a lovely atrium section and a large bar as well as a contemporary dining area. One of my favorite menu items is the Honey-Lime Shrimp Salad. A wonderful, refreshing way of enjoying a meal a little more on the light side yet still full of flavor! I also love their salmon dishes and the Pan-seared Scallops.

Buffalo wings at Jolane's in Glenview, IL
Buffalo wings 
My daughter is totally a chicken wing lover and really enjoys Jolane's buffalo wings. She also is a big fan of the Caesar Salad!

Pulled-pork sandwich with fresh coleslaw at Jolane's
Pulled-pork sandwich with fresh coleslaw 
My husband enjoys the pulled-pork sandwich. In general, Jolane's entrees have fresh, vibrant vegetation as you can see by the coleslaw on the pulled-pork sandwich. My husband is also a fan of the beef brisket and the schnitzel. He rarely comes home with leftovers!

Mushroom, asparagus and goat cheese crepes at Jolane's
Mushroom, asparagus and goat cheese crepes 
On the weekends, Jolane's has a brunch menu. During one recent visit, I tried the crepes with mushrooms, asparagus and goat cheese. Tasty overall -- maybe a little too much crepe -- but I enjoyed the combo!

Jolane's also is a nice place for little dessert and a cup of tea. They have quite a dessert counter if you want something to go! Easily one of our favorite local restaurants!

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