Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hawthorne Hill Nature Center in Elgin, Illinois

Bridge at Hawthorne Hill Nature Center in Elgin, IL

What glorious weather today! My daughter had a few volleyball games in Elgin this morning and afternoon. During a break, we ventured over to Hawthorne Hill Nature Center to enjoy the marvelous spring weather!

Nature Center at Hawthorne Hill in Elgin, IL
Hawthorne Hill Nature Center
Unfortunately, the Nature Center is not open on Sundays. However, the presence of bird houses and bird feeders all around made it easy for us to spot birds right away. The front of the Nature Center is probably alive with butterflies, birds and more in the summer when the prairie plants are in full bloom. The trails are still open, so great for a Sunday walk.

Pond at Hawthorn Hill Nature Center in Elgin, IL

Behind the Nature Center is a pond with a little walkway. This morning, we did not see too many birds around the pond. However, I spotted a hawk so I am sure that is why!

Informational placards in Hawthorne Hills Preserve.

The preserve does have a informational placards along the hike. The hike itself is fairly short but pleasant. The preserve abuts against a residential area but once the leaves come in, I don't think that you will really notice it. During our walk, we saw quite a few birds even though it is still February! The highlight---seeing a woodpecker!

Playground near Hawthorne Hills Nature Center in Elgin, IL

Hawthorne Hill Nature Center is also next to a school with a sizable playground. I wonder if the school children get to take nature walks at the center!

Moss on a downed tree in the forest at Hawthorne Hill in Elgin, IL
Lovely moss on a downed tree.
Hawthorne Hill provided us with a delightful natural repose in between volleyball matches. One to keep on your list for future walks!

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