A Little Time and a Keyboard: Jean Bonnet Tavern: A Place for Rest on the Pennsylvania Frontier

Jean Bonnet Tavern: A Place for Rest on the Pennsylvania Frontier

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Historic Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford, Pennsylvania

The Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford, Pennsylvania is a remarkable piece of frontier history that is still serving up meals and providing weary travelers with a place to rest over 250 years later. We discovered this historic gem a few years ago and were eager to visit again. On our recent road trip, we were once again able to enjoy the colonial atmosphere and a great meal!

Crab Cakes at Jean Bonnet Tavern
Crab cakes at Jean Bonnet Tavern
Originally built in the 1760's, the stone structure became a tavern in 1779 when Jean Bonnet purchased the property. The tavern operated from 1779-1815 followed by a period of time under private ownership. Today, the historic structure has returned to its roots as a restaurant and inn. The restaurant has a wide ranging menu with both casual and more refined sit down meals. We have enjoyed both of our meals there, so truly come for both the historic ambiance and the excellent food.

Charming dining room in the historic Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford, Pennsylvania

As a tavern and meeting point, the Jean Bonnet Tavern has many stories to tell about the history of the USA. The tavern actually served as a site where farmers involved in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 met. The rebellion over taxes on whiskey was eventually quelled by George Washington. Some of the troops summoned to quell the rebellion camped at Jean Bonnet Tavern on their way to Pittsburgh. The tavern is also rumored to be haunted. With such a long history, I am sure there is much to be shared!

Frontier cabin and shop at Jean Bonnet Tavern

Adjacent to the tavern is the Cabin Shoppe which features locally made items. The cabin itself is a piece of history and is an original frontier cabin from the 1700's moved to the site. A nice spot to pick up a true Pennsylvania gift!

The Jean Bonnet Tavern is a treasure and quite the stop while traveling across Pennsylvania. Truly a nice way to experience a taste of what traveling was like on the frontier.

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