A Little Time and a Keyboard: Chicago Botanic Garden in the Spring

Chicago Botanic Garden in the Spring

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Chicago Botanic Garden in Spring

Nature is dynamic and changes throughout the seasons -- sometimes subtly and sometimes dramatically. We love to visit Chicago Botanic Garden as often as possible to appreciate those changes. This time of year, the gardens seem to come alive at a quick pace. Blossoms. buds and emergent leaves paint beautiful pictures. Of course some sections of the gardens are just waking up......

Gardens coming alive in early spring at Chicago Botanic Garden

but, some are in full bloom.

Trees blooming at Chicago Botanic Garden

The poppies definitely brightened the day. I am accustomed to seeing red or orange poppies, so the splashes of other hues was intriguing.

Poppies at Chicago Botanic Garden

Tulips have bloomed throughout the gardens. Visits to botanic gardens allow you time to explore blooms from all over the world as well as variations of ones common to your neighborhood but in hues and shapes you may not have seen. I paused at the tulips below -- what a unique color combination and interesting petals:

Multicolored tulips at Chicago Botanic Garden

If the air is a bit chilly, you can still benefit from ducking into the greenhouses. Chicago Botanic's three greenhouses always provide for cheerful greenery throughout the year and even some brilliant blooms as well!

Topiary in a greenhouse at Chicago Botanic Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden has an impressive collection of bonsai. After a winter away, they are back out in the bonsai garden. Always amazed by the talent of gardeners that prune these breathtaking creations. The amount of care and dedication is astounding. One of my favorites is the one below that appears as if it is a mini forest. If you look closely, you can see it is one tree.

Impressive mini forest bonsai tree at Chicago Botanic Garden

We also spent a little time in the English Walled Garden. The Chicago Botanic has several water features throughout. Some are small and soothing and some are more dramatic.

Water feature in the English Walled Garden in Chicago Botanic Garden

Birds are pretty active at the garden during spring. I enjoy watching the swallows soaring near the ponds. Other birds are busy nesting and nibbling on food. Of course, there are some new family members -- here is an adorable family we found:

Goose family at Chicago Botanic Garden

As you can see, spring is quite a beautiful time to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden -- abuzz with activity and coming alive with splashes of color throughout!

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  1. We are so lucky to have both Botanic Garden and Arboretum. Between those we get to experience the best of 4 seasons of mother nature. We love Japanese Gardens and the Bell Tower at CBG.