A Little Time and a Keyboard: Treats at a New Jersey Staple: Jersey Freeze

Treats at a New Jersey Staple: Jersey Freeze

Monday, May 8, 2017

Jersey Freeze diner and ice cream shop in New Jersey

If you are visiting New Jersey and are looking for a real New Jersey experience, I recommend stopping at my childhood favorite Jersey Freeze in Freehold. Jersey Freeze has been a local staple since 1952 and even stands as favorite of Bruce Springsteen who grew up in the area. Jersey Freeze is a fun small business for a visit!

Turkey Club at Jersey Freeze
Turkey and Bacon

Jersey Freeze has a menu featuring melts, burgers, wings, salads, wraps and more. They have maintained the old school quick serve diner feel. So, it is a true treat featuring comfort food and nostalgia.

Tuna Wrap at Jersey Freeze
Tuna Wrap

The restaurant has an interesting design with the ice cream scoop shop sectioned off separate from the diner. I imagine this helps with flow with customers coming just for ice cream or just for food. Our visit, we had to cap off with a sweet treat of course! Jersey Freeze has both soft serve and hard ice cream. They have all sorts of concoctions to fit your fancy. I went with a peanut butter pie ice cream. I don't have hard ice cream often, so this was a worthy treat. Definitely decadent!

Peanut butter pie ice cream at Jersey Freeze
Peanut butter pie ice cream

Jersey Freeze is the perfect, true New Jersey experience for your next visit.

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