A Little Time and a Keyboard: Fresh Pizza Inspiration at SLYCE Coal Fired Pizza Company

Fresh Pizza Inspiration at SLYCE Coal Fired Pizza Company

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

SLYCE Coal Fired Pizza Company in Highwood, Illinois

**Disclosure: I received a complimentary meal in order to bring this review to you. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

Pizza is a perennial favorite of many families. However, often we find ourselves in a pizza rut choosing from the same few places time after time. We learned recently of a new pizzeria opening up in Highwood that features a walk-up display kitchen featuring three coal ovens. We were excited to try SLYCE Coal Fired Pizza Company for the first time last weekend. Winter is the perfect time to explore warm comfort food -- a great reason to try SLYCE on a January day!

Coal ovens right in view at SLYCE
Nice bar area and coal ovens right in sight.
The interior has a slightly upscale vibe to it while still being child friendly. As a mother, I love ambiances like that because eating out can feel special while enjoying a meal with the kids.

Refined dinner seating at SLYCE

We took a little time to look over the menu. The Small Plates section has a few interesting choices including Italian Stuffed Mushrooms, Hand-Rolled Cooked to Order Nonna's Meatballs and Coal Roasted Lemon Basil Wings. I am totally a wings fan, so we had to to order the Coal Roasted Lemon Basil Wings! The wings were topped with caramelized onions. Totally yum and a large enough order to have some for home!

Coal Roasted Lemon Basil Wings at SLYCE
Coal Roasted Lemon Basil Wings!
SLYCE has seven different salad options to choose from. The salads are ENORMOUS and perfect for sharing. Our server recommended getting the dressing on the side which was a wise move so that we could take half of the salad home without too much wilt. Yes, it was that HUGE!

Italian Table Salad  at SLYCE
Italian Table Salad 
We had the Italian Table Salad which was full of veggies, meat and cheese. We definitely had leftovers!

Green pepper, onion, basil and pepperoni pizza at SLYCE
Green pepper, onion, basil and pepperoni pizza 
Time to talk pizza! SLYCE has 16 different inventive flavor combinations to choose from or you can craft your own. My daughter and I both crafted our own, but definitely take a peek at the suggested combos including tomato sauce, tomato, arugula and prosciutto pizza and evoo, feta, sun-dried tomato, roasted red pepper, kalamata olive and garlic pizza. My daughter went for a green pepper, onion, basil and pepperoni pizza which is pictured above. See the slightly charred crust?

Sun-dried tomato, mushroom and spinach pizza at SLYCE
Sun-dried tomato, mushroom and spinach pizza 

When I saw sun-dried tomatoes as an option, I knew I had to have them as a topping! I also had mushrooms, spinach and fresh mozzarella. Yum! Fresh ingredients on a made-to-order pizza -- delicious indeed!

House Roast Beef at SLYCE

My husband went for the House Roast Beef which is crafted with a slow roasted marinated sirloin roasted in house. The sandwich is topped with a horseradish aioli, local white sharp cheddar cheese, tomato, onion and organic field greens tossed in a light vinaigrette. The sandwich was served with housemade chips. Plus, the bread was made in house using the same dough as the crust. Yum!

Tiramisu at SLYCE
We did manage to save some room for dessert. Good thing we did! We enjoyed tiramisu baked at a bakery in Elk Grove Village and chai tea gelato from Frost. The chai tea gelato was amazing! SLYCE does have a selection of gelatos each evening. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that they will have the chai, but consider it if they do!

Chai tea gelato
Chai tea gelato
We LOVED our visit to SLYCE. As we were getting ready to go, my daughter was already talking about returning. Our dining experience, the atmosphere and the coal fired dishes were amazing. Yes, we will be back! If you are not able to make it to the Highwood restaurant, I recommend checking out the original location in Wauconda.

 SLYCE Coal Fired Pizza Company in Highwood, Illinois

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