A Little Time and a Keyboard: March Degustabox Goodies!!!

March Degustabox Goodies!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Degustabox March Foodie Treats

I have been receiving Degustaboxes for quite a few months now and I have to say I am surprised by the content every time! I never know what to expect, yet each month I receive something I LOVE. Each box is a little adventure for the month, so a lot of fun packed in!

This month I received:

  • Loacker Espresso Wafers
  • Elmhurst Brown Riced Milk
  • Post Great Grains Coconut Almond Crunch
  • 7 Days Croissant
  • Homebrew Quick Pickle Mix (3 pouches)
  • Oreo Chocolate Bar with mint flavored creme filling and Oreo cookie
  • BluePrint Energy Tea
  • Julian's Recipe Belgian Pastry Waffles
Degustaboxes often have informational sheets and coupons enclosed

In addition to our food treats, Degustaboxes often have informational sheets and coupons enclosed. There also is a monthly key with information about your foodie treats.

A couple of the items from this box I snagged right away happen to be the Homebrew Quick Pickle Mix and the Oreo Chocolate Bar. We have a road trip ahead, so I am sure that my daughter will LOVE the Oreo Chocolate Bar as a treat. I grow pickles in the summer, so I will use the mixes then.

Loacker Espresso Wafers

Loacker Espresso Wafers

Winter and spring for our family is peppered with volleyball tournaments. So, I usually grab some easy treats from my Degustabox to bring along. This past weekend, I brought Loacker Espresso Wafers. They provided a great treat! Each one is a little square, so I did not feel too indulgent. Just a little sweetness with my packed picnic lunch.

 Julian's Recipe Belgian Pastry Waffles in my March Degustabox

Julian's Recipe Belgian Pastry Waffles

These waffles are delicious! I am surprised by how fresh they taste. I put some preserves on mine but really they were sweet enough that they did not need any. My particular waffle was vanilla and it did have a lovely vanilla taste. 

BluePrint Energy Tea Mo-Jo Matcha

BluePrint Energy Tea

I also tried the BluePrint Energy Tea Mo-Jo Matcha. I am always looking for natural beverages that will help energize me during the day. This tea is not sweetened which is a huge plus! The taste overall is light and a nice pick me up for the day!

Another fun Degustabox!

Want to try it out? 

Degustaboxes cost $19.99 per month and there is no shipping. Woo hoo! My readers have a special coupon code to receive their first box for $9.99 with code 69ODU. Boxes are valued at $30 so this is an awesome deal if you want to try it out! These types of things are especially fun for the kids, so may be a nice little gift!

**Disclosure: I did receive a Degustabox so that I could experience it and review it for you. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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