A Little Time and a Keyboard: Deerfield Historic Village

Deerfield Historic Village

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Deefield Historic Village is a collection of historic buildings and replicas in Deerfield, IL

The Chicago suburbs are full of interesting spots of history. One day this month, we took an opportunity to check out Deerfield Historic Village in Deerfield, IL. The village building are open on Sundays during the summer from 2PM-4PM (June - September). However, the village does have some events throughout the year and it is a nice spot for a picnic. There are signs by the buildings, so you can learn about them even when they are not open. We visited briefly on a Saturday and found it interesting.

Constructed in 1837, the Caspar Ott house is the oldest loghouse in Lake County, Illinois
Caspar Ott Log House
The oldest home on the site is the Caspar Ott Log House constructed in 1837. This is the oldest standing building in Lake County.
Brand Luther Farmhouse with a pump in the foreground.
Brand Luther Farmhouse with a pump in the foreground.
The Brand Luther Farmhouse was constructed in 1847 as a three room log house. After the Civil War, it was modernized with a more Greek Revival design. You can see the updated white shingling and green trim below.

Brand Luther Farmhouse
Brand Luther Farmhouse with updated white shingles and green trim.
The Bartle Sacker House is a farmhouse dating to 1854. Inside are artifacts that would have been typical at a family farm on the prairie.

The Bartle Sacker Farmhouse in Deerfield, Illinois
The Bartle Sacker Farmhouse

The Carriage House is a replica but constructed from salvaged materials. Inside the Carriage House are antique carriages and farm equipment. Sounds pretty interesting to see when the buildings are open!

Carriage House
Carriage House
There is also a replica one room schoolhouse in the grounds complete with period school items inside.

One room school house at Deerfield Historic Village
One room school house replica

The houses onsite were moved here from other locations in the area. The park is nice shaded park and a nice place for a little picnic. The site is not huge but an interesting aside if you are planning other excursions in the area.

Deerfield Historic Village in Deerfield, Illinois

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