Coffee Time at Coffee Speaks in Highland Park, Illinois

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Coffee Speaks Locally Roasted Coffee in Highland Park, IL

I am always of the lookout for coffee spots in the Chicago suburbs. Well, truthfully I am looking for places that make great mocha lattes. A couple of weekends ago, we decided to spend some time strolling around Highland Park. I figured that it was the perfect opportunity to try Coffee Speaks.

Enjoying a mocha latte at Coffee Speaks
Enjoying a mocha latte at Coffee Speaks
Coffee Speaks is a little tucked away in Port Clinton Square. However, the coffee shop is well worth the extra exploration. Coffee Speaks roasts its own coffee which is an added plus. In addition to coffee concoctions, the coffee shop also has tea and tea concoctions like a green tea latte. Additionally, there are baked goods and a number of other snacks and quick beverages.

Fresh scoopable scones at Coffee Speaks in Highland Park, Illinois
Fresh scooped scones.
In addition to my desired mocha latte, I also came to check out Coffee Speaks special baked treat -- the scooped scone. They are incredibly adorable and come in a range of flavors. They are so cute-- how can you resist?

Mocha latte and scooped scones at Coffee Speaks a local coffee shop in Highland Park, Illinois

We tried the Matcha Chocolate Chip Scone, the Cherry Scone and the Mint Chocolate Scone. They were delicious. Before tasting one, I admittedly thought with their unique flavors they would taste more cookie like than scone like. But, they definitely had that scone quality. I love the size because they are a little indulgence. Of course, I had my mocha latte. Look at that design! Plus, you can get a coffee mug instead of wasting a disposable cup. Awesome!

Inside of Coffee Speaks

You can also purchase freshly roasted coffee and coffee items. Really a neat little coffee shop and one that I will be happy to return to!

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Coffee Time at Coffee Speaks in Highland Park, Illinois

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