A Little Time and a Keyboard: Ice Cream Treats at Riverbottom Ice Cream

Ice Cream Treats at Riverbottom Ice Cream

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Riverbottom Ice Cream Co in Algonquin, Illinois serving up locally made ice cream

Summer for my family usually means exploring ice cream! A couple of weeks ago, we tried Riverbottom Ice Cream Co. a local shop in Algonquin, Illinois that churns its own ice cream.  In addition to scooping up delicious ice cream, Riverbottom also is a coffee shop and has a whole range of coffee concoctions. I love the ice cream - coffee combo because there is a larger range of temptations depending on mood.

Antique ice cream maker at Riverbottom Ice Cream Co
Neat antique ice cream maker
The shop is absolutely adorable. I love that there are antique ice cream makers throughout. Cute touch! On the tables, you will find games. We had fun playing Trivial Pursuit. Overall, the shop has a warm community feel.

Tables with games at Riverbottom Ice Cream Co
Adorable tables with family games.
Riverbottom offers 12 or more flavors of ice cream each day. Nine flavors are regular favorites and always available. My daughter and I gladly indulged with some ice cream. I went for a scoop of cookie dough and she went for a double scoop of chocolate topped with sprinkles. Both flavors are always available. Yum! Yum! Yum!

Cookie Dough and Chocolate Ice Cream made at Riverbottom Ice Cream Co in Algonquin, Illinois

My husband opted for a coffee float. Perfect for someone that can't decide between the two!

Coffee float at Riverbottom Ice Cream Co

There are other snack and beverage options, too. I like that they have items to go with your coffee or something quick to pick up if you are just riding by on your bike.

Snacks and more at Riverbottom

Riverbottom also hosts a variety of community events and has a section of the shop where other events and local business info are displayed. Such a true community vibe!

We visited Riverbottom on a rainy day when we had to cancel our hiking plans. I am glad that we made this discovery and that we were able to enjoy some great ice cream made here in Illinois. We can't wait to return and try some new flavors!

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Ice Cream treats and coffee concoctions at Riverbottom in Algonquin, Illinois

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