A Little Time and a Keyboard: Rock 'n Through Lunch at Rock N Grill in Lake in the Hills

Rock 'n Through Lunch at Rock N Grill in Lake in the Hills

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Lunch and Rock N Roll Nostalgia at Rock N Grill in Lake in the Hills, Illinois

A recent rainy day sent us exploring for a new and unique experience. I had heard good things about a rock 'n roll grill in the area, so our rainy day mission quickly became a visit to Rock N Grill in Lake in the Hills.
Immediately, you will feel the rock ' n roll vibe upon entering Rock N Grill. Record albums and band tees dot one wall. Guitars line another wall. From the ceiling, drums dangle and light up in different colors. Nostalgic music videos play in the background. The concept behind the design is to provide that rocking basement feeling from your teen years. 

Rock N Grill provides a bit of rock n roll nostalgia while dining

Rock N Grill is a fast casual spot known for their hamburgers. They have traditional combos as well as some intriguing ones including the Amplify Burger featuring a 1/3 lb certified Angus beef burger with cheddar cheese, Veterans Q BBQ, pulled pork, topped off with bacon on a brioche bun. Wow! The menu also features pulled pork, hot dogs, chicken, wraps, salads and more. Plenty of comfort food as well as some light options to go around! I opted for a grilled chicken sandwich with a zesty mayo. Delicious and the perfect meal for a rainy day!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with zesty mayo at Rock N Grill
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with zesty mayo 

My daughter ordered a cheeseburger with cheddar cheese. Despite being a 1/4 lb burger, the burger looks larger. She devoured her burger!

Cheeseburger with cheddar cheese at Rock N Burger
Cheeseburger with cheddar cheese 

My husband enjoyed the chicken club. Another enjoyable sandwich!

Huge chicken club sandwich at Rock N Grill
Look at the size of that Chicken Club!
Of course, we had to indulge in some fries and onion rings. I can tell you that they were worth the indulgence! 

Fries and onion rings at Rock N Grill in Lake in the Hills
Fries and onion rings -- yum!
Rock N Grill serves Veterans Q Barbecue Sauce which is made by veteran owned company donating 100% of its profits to reputable veteran organizations. You can pick up a bottle to bring home, enjoy some on your sandwich or savor some as a dipping sauce. I loved the sauce on my fries!

Veterans Q Barbecue Sauce

We had a wonderful experience at Rock N Grill. We enjoyed the fun theme and great food. Service was amazing and the business owner spent some time speaking with us making us feel at home. We look forward to our return adventure!

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Lunch at Rock N Grill in Lake in the Hills Illinois

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