A Little Time and a Keyboard: Exploring Dirty Bear Soap in Beloit, Wisconsin

Exploring Dirty Bear Soap in Beloit, Wisconsin

Monday, November 5, 2018

Visiting Local Makers Dirty Bear Soap in Beloit, Wisconsin

Dirty Bear Soap: An Interesting and Fun Local Maker in Beloit, Wisconsin:

**Disclosure: Thank you to Visit Beloit for hosting my family's visit to Beloit. Thank you to Dirty Bear for supplying a complimentary product for me to try!

On our visit to Beloit, Wisconsin, our search for locally made items led us to quite an intriguing and fun find -- Dirty Bear Soap! Dirty Bear Soap is a family run company crafting quality whimsical, fun and useful bath products. Highlights include soap, bath bombs, body butters, beard oils, dog bath products and so much more.

We were able to meet both Ericka Sloniker, owner and creator of Dirty Bear Soap, and her husband Matt. We had so much talking about the range of products and Ericka's creative process as well as a life itself. I can tell you -- customers really are like family to Dirty Bear!

Dirty Bear Soap's fun Coffee Is Life and Dole Whip varieties.
Dirty Bear products add  whimsy and offer a range of fun themes and scents.
Ericka is very particular about the ingredients she uses in her products. She uses simple ingredients and incorporates fresh ingredients that may be indicative of the time of year or highlight other local creators and more. One thing that really impressed me -- the glitter she uses in her products is biodegradable! With Dirty Bear you really know what you are getting which is comforting.  The soap pictured below includes both real oranges and cranberries! How cool!

Fun and sassy soap made with real cranberries and oranges by Dirty Bear.
Fun and sassy soap made with real cranberries and oranges.
Creative Inspiration Ignited:

Ericka began her soap making journey when Matt was diagnosed with cancer. While the family needed to really watch money, she still wanted to be able to give her family and friends something special for Christmas. So, she began crafting soap. The passion really ignited for her. Ericka is entirely self taught. Soon, friends and family wanted to buy more of the products. So, Dirty Bear was born!

Cran We Cuddle is made with wine from local DC Estate Winery!
Cran We Cuddle is made with wine from local DC Estate Winery!
Ericka entered the 'Close to Home' contest at Boston Store and Elder-Beerman. Dirty Bear beat out thousands in the contest and won the ability to be featured in the stores. Soon, time came to open her own store and here is Dirty Bear today!

Dirty Bear has a lot of fun with their products including some based on popular trends like Lucille Needs a Bath! These would make good gifts! I know a lot of people that would love this soap..... They also have some that have a more adult humor theme as well.

Lucille Needs a Bath soap from Dirty Bear.
Hmmmm....do you think Lucille Needs A Bath?

Don't Forget The Puppies:

We have two dogs in our house, so we never forget about the puppies! We were pleased to learn that Dirty Bear makes paw salves and shampoos for the furry ones. The ingredients are safe which is so important!

Part of the Community:

Dirty Bear Soap truly is a community spot. Other local makers find their home within the shop as well. I fell in love with the beautiful and intricate painted rocks. They make for great thought gifts!

Intricate locally made painted stones at Dirty Bear Soap
Beautiful and intricate painted stones!
Other locally made items include decorative signs, candles, wreaths, jewelry and more. Below is a picture of fused glass creations that I totally fell in love with:

Gorgeous fused glass jewelry crafted by StephGlass in Beloit featured at Dirty Bear Soap.
Gorgeous fused glass jewelry crafted by StephGlass in Beloit.

While we were there, Dirty Bear was gearing up for a trunk-or-treat. We were so impressed by how much Dirty Bear works with the community through events, partnerships and welcoming them into their store. Dirty Bear is community through and through!

Facebook Fun:

I highly recommend following Dirty Bear Soap's Facebook page. Here Ericka gives peeks into what is being invented in Dirty Bear's creative space. She also hosts Facebook Live sale events which are fun ways to pick up some neat products.

Trying Out Dirty Bear Soap:

I did have the pleasure of trying out an amazing Dirty Bear Soap bar! I am so thrilled that I got to try Campfire Nights with a S'mores scent! Who doesn't like the heavenly, comforting smell of s'mores? The soap does have that wonderful blend of a sugary sweet chocolate smell of s'mores. I can say that the soap is one of the softest, most luxurious that I have used. It truly feels like the soap is moisturizer and cleanser in one. So, you don't have that harsh or lackluster feel you have from other soaps. A wonderful treat! My skin definitely feels softer after my pampering!

Luxurious Campfire Nights Dirty Bear Soap
Luxurious Campfire Nights Dirty Bear Soap

We Can't Wait to Return!

A visit to Dirty Bear is the perfect way to experience a local maker when visiting Beloit. Plus, you will have the bonus of discovering other locally made products! Each visit is unique as Ericka is always developing new products. A trip to Dirty Bear is sure to be a treat and we can't wait to visit again!

Exploring Locally Made Dirty Bear Soap in Beloit, Wisconsin

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