A Little Time and a Keyboard: Tala Coffee Roasters in Highwood, Illinois

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Tala Coffee Roasters in Highwood, Illinois

Locally roasted coffee at Tala Coffee Roasters in Highwood, Illinois

Sipping on Locally Roasted Coffee at Tala Coffee Roasters in Highwood, Illinois

Tala Coffee Roasters in Highwood crafted the perfect mocha latte to warm me up on a recent crisp autumn day! My husband and I noticed Tala a few weeks ago when we attended the Highwood Pumpkin Festival and knew we had to return. Last weekend provided the perfect opportunity. The coffee shop is located in a repurposed firehouse which adds another element of character.

Highwood, Illinois firehouse now housing Tala Coffee Roasters

You can see part of the seating area in the picture above behind the garage door. The entrance is a bit tucked away on the right side. I wonder if they use an open air concept in the summer?

Tala Coffee Roasters Cafe in Highwood, Illinois

There is a nice amount of seating in the coffee shop but it appears to get pretty busy -- at least it was on the Saturday afternoon we visited. However, we were able to snag the awesome comfy armchairs which was fun.

Comfy armchairs at Tala Coffee Roasters in Highwood, Illinois
Comfy armchair!
Tala Coffee is locally roasted in nearby Libertyville, so I was pretty excited to try out the locally roasted brew! I am happy to report that my mocha latte was perfect! Just what I needed!

Mocha latte from Tala Coffee Roasters in Highwood, Illinois
Happy, happy mocha latte!
My husband went with a Bourbon Vanilla Latte and a donut. Tala's bourbon vanilla syrup is housemade with real Kentucky bourbon. The bourbon has been simmered down to let the alcohol off leaving a pure bourbon flavor. Another delicious latte with a fresh donut treat!

Bourbon Vanilla Latte and donut at Tala Coffee Roasters
Bourbon Vanilla Latte and Yummy Donut

We loved Tala Coffee Roasters and will definitely be back when we return to the Highwood area. During my visit, I came with the intention of having a mocha latte. I would like to explore a little more in the future. What a great find especially now that we are moving towards winter!

Tala Coffee Roasters in Highwood, Illinois serves up  great locally roasted coffee.

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