A Little Time and a Keyboard: Backyard Bird Care for Winter

Backyard Bird Care for Winter

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Backyard Bird Care for Winter: Suggestions from the Wildbird Shack

Backyard Bird Care for Winter:

**Disclosure: I do manage The Wildbird Shack's  social media outreach. All opinions are 100% my own.

Birds experience a scarcity of resources during winter months and need a little help from us. My friends a The Wildbird Shack in Mount Prospect, Illinois have a few suggestions on how you can help birds this winter and keep them coming to your yard:

Feeding the birds in the winter is more important than the summer.  

Birds migrate for warmth and food. The birds that keep us company in the winter could use our help.  Their food sources aren’t as plentiful in the winter as in the warm seasons. Therefore, insects, berries, seeds and  flowers are minimal. Having a feeder out not only helps the birds, but you will also enjoy seeing many of the migratory birds at your feeders.

Do not take down bird houses in the winter.

Bird houses make ideal lodgings, even in the winter.  However, after each laying and the babies have fledged, the house should be cleaned.  Old bird nests conceal parasites, mites, dead carcasses and unhatched eggs. When purchasing a birdhouse, look for an easy clean out door so you don’t need to take the house apart.  

Bird baths are essential in winter.

Bird baths are a basic to having a well rounded yard. Birds need access to clean water sources especially winter. Birds are not capable of converting snow or ice into driving water. Just like us, birds need water for survival. Secondly, birds need to bathe even in the those very cold months. Birds are constantly preening their feathers, essential for survival.  Clean feathers allow birds to fly faster and escape predators.

Birds are attracted to movement, so you may want to consider keeping the water agitated. Heated bird baths or deicers work perfectly in winter to keep the water fluid.  Look for the heaters that will turn off if at a certain temperature. Also, remember that birds do drown, we recommend a non skid bowl and to only fill the water up 2”.

Thank you to The Wildbird Shack for sharing some important tips for helping our bird friends this winter. The Wildbird Shack is a great source of birding items as well as items made by local artisans. They are located at 854 E Northwest Highway in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

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