A Little Time and a Keyboard: Meet WynBurg Cafe Tempting with Unique Meals While Making Dining Fun

Meet WynBurg Cafe Tempting with Unique Meals While Making Dining Fun

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Meet WynBurg Cafe Tempting with Unique Meals While Making Dining Fun

Discover Meals with Flare and a Community Heart at WynBurg Cafe in Arlington Heights

**Disclosure: I did receive complimentary tasting sizes of menu items in order to help bring you this profile. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

As I sit writing on a gray fall day, my thoughts drift to a similar day spent discovering local favorite WynBurg Cafe. During my visit, I adventurously explored the cafe's thoughtfully put together menu full of unique flare, options and even international flavors. You can just feel the heart in each dish. Additionally, I had a fantastic conversation with co-owners Patty Wynne and Steve Hamburg  who have truly crafted a restaurant with intriguing and well crafted food choices alongside a community atmosphere. I am thrilled to introduce this WynBurg Cafe to you right in time to enjoy fall comfort at a local spot!

I first became engaged with the WynBurg Cafe story after learning about their whimsical Pancake Kits. During stay-at-home, WynBurg sought to create a meal kit that would provide for a fun family activity! The concept for the cheerful pancake kits developed from one of Steve's favorite joys at home -- making pancakes with all sorts of interesting mix-ins and toppings. He told me that his pancakes are quite the hit and often requested. So, WynBurg's Pancake Kits were born in a time when we all needed a little novelty. During the stay-at-home, WynBurg also donated 100s of kits shining a light in a difficult time. Today, the kits have expanded to include over 40 options including pretzel sticks, Fruity Pebbles, M&M's, cinnamon sugar, marshmallow fluff and more! Additionally, gluten-free batter is available as well.

Tasty Tip: You do need to order the Pancake Kits a day ahead to make sure they are available. This fall, you may also be able to enjoy pumpkin pancake batter, so ask when ordering.

WynBurg Cafe Pancake Kits for at Home Fun
Fun family time with WynBurg Pancake Kits! Image credit Wynburg Cafe.

After witnessing WynBurg uplift the community during a difficult time, I reached out to learn more. When Patty and Steve began to formulate the concept behind WynBurg, they knew they would launch something classy -- not your traditional egg restaurant. They certainly executed that! The carefully crafted menu includes unique flare from the chefs beyond your standard breakfast and lunch restaurant. Additionally, Patty and Steve strive to build a relationship with their customers, taking time to have conversations with them and create a community atmosphere. They want to make the dining experience special and fun!

Meeting Patty Wynne and Steve Hamburg of WynBurg Cafe!
Meeting Patty Wynne and Steve Hamburg of WynBurg Cafe!

Patty brings over  30 years in the restaurant business starting out by helping her father at a country club. She loves the fast pace of a restaurant. Patty originally worked for Gail's Carriage Inn and was recruited by Richard Walker to work for Chicago area staple Walker Brothers. She worked for Walker Brothers for 21 years in a variety of capacities including serving as the Functional General Manager for 7 years. However, she always wanted her own restaurant. Now, she is living that dream!

Tables are perfectly spaced and COVID precautionary measures are impressive at WynBurg Cafe! Image courtesy of WynBurg Cafe.
Tables are perfectly spaced and COVID precautionary measures are impressive at WynBurg Cafe! Image courtesy of WynBurg Cafe.

Before his foray into the restaurant business, Steve owned and sold two cyber security consulting firms. He focuses on what the pair terms the "front of the house" including business operations, social media and community outreach. He helps to make everyone feel welcome at WynBurg forging relationships. Patty ensures the back is running properly and effectively. The jovial rapport between the two demonstrates WynBurg's dedication to making dining fun.

Upon first arriving at WynBurg Cafe, I noticed how all the pieces Patty and Steve have worked on fit together. I was pretty impressed with the COVID procedures in place in response to their newest challenge. Tables both inside and out were spaced nicely apart -- further than required. This was my first indoor restaurant visit since the pandemic began, so I immediately felt at ease. The staff was completely and correctly masked up. Fantastic and safe!

Chef Nacho's Chilaquiles Start the Day with Addictive Flavor:

WynBurg's head chefs fuse their own unique recipes into the menu. Chef Nacho's Chilaquiles easily retains a spot as a star on the menu. Chilaquiles are a Mexican dish popular in the morning because they are quite filling. The base of the dish includes homemade tortilla chips layered with house salsa verde, black beans, onions, cilantro, queso fresco and sour cream. Two eggs of the preparation of your choice accompany. You can also choose to add skirt steak, chorizo, ham or chicken. I can tell you from the first bite, I felt the care that went into this dish. The flavors blended into what for me became an incredible comfort food on a fall weather day! 

Chef Nacho's Chilaquiles are well crafted and delicious!
Chef Nacho's Chilaquiles are well crafted and delicious!

With the Chilaquiles, I enjoyed house made guacamole. Fresh and authentic guacamole provides such a delight but even more so when you can order it with any breakfast dish in addition to lunch. I am a total fan!

**Please note that my portions are tasting portions and not full menu portions.**

French Toast Dreams:

I love, love, love French Toast but I don't have it often, saving it for a treat. Oh, my, is it a treat at WynBurg Cafe! Featuring several preparations of French Toast, guests can enjoy one of a variety of combinations. The Churro French Toast is a dream! I learned that WynBurg uses Challah for their French Toast which I think really helps give it a melt-in-your mouth quality. 

Tasting portion of Churro French Toast.
Tasting portion of Churro French Toast.

WynBurg Cafe's sweet, melt-in-your mouth Churro French Toast topped with bananas! Image credit WynBurg Cafe.
WynBurg Cafe's sweet, melt-in-your mouth Churro French Toast topped with bananas and banana glaze! Image credit WynBurg Cafe.

The Churro French Toast is bathed in a cinnamon-sugar and is topped with a homemade caramel sauce. If you enjoy bananas, savor the Churro French Toast with sliced bananas and a banana glaze. I am not quite the banana fan, so I devoured my tasting portion without. The Churro French Toast was one of the best treats I have eaten. I also appreciate that WynBurg is so accommodating and has so many flexible options on the menu!

Vibrant Berry French Toast from WynBurg Cafe
Vibrant Berry French Toast from WynBurg Cafe. (This is a tasting portion.)

After delighting in the Churro French Toast, a slice of Berry French Toast enchanted me with berry flavors melded with a fresh, homemade honey-lemon sauce. While delighting in the treat, I truly appreciated the homemade tastes and textures that came through.

Tasty Tidbit: You can order a side of French Toast in any preparation with any other meal!

Potato Blanket Omelet
Potato Blanket Omelet Image Credit WynBurg Cafe

Expansive Menu with International Flavors:

WynBurg's menu carries international flavors throughout reflecting the fabric of our community. The Potato Blanket Omelets are a favorite coming in unique preparations with several regional and international flavors including Mediterranean, Mexican, Irish, Denver and West Coast. Potato Blanket Omelets sport ingredients placed on of top eggs and then are encased in hash browns. I look forward to trying one on a future visit -- great way to start the day! Other menu items presenting the international flare include fritattas, Belgian waffles, crepes and a variety of preparations of food items.

Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!

With fall in the air, I naturally trend towards PUMPKINS! While WynBurg features buttermilk pancakes, fall has brought special Pumpkin Pancakes! I love all things pumpkin, so I was thrilled to try WynBurg's Pumpkin Pancakes. Each bite brought the delight of fall flavors of pumpkin and cinnamon in fluffy pancake form. Perfect fall delight!

Pumpkin Pancakes bring the comfort of fall at WynBurg Cafe.
Pumpkin Pancakes bring the comfort of fall at WynBurg Cafe.

A variety of add-ons are available to really make your pancakes your own! In addition to buttermilk and seasonal pumpkin, WynBurg also has gluten-free pancakes.

Don't Skip Lunch:

WynBurg Cafe's lunch menu also includes a blend of favorites and new twists. Burgers, salads, sandwiches and skirt steak are all well-loved. I nibbled on a vibrant and delicious sample portion of the Very Berry Salad topped with blackened chicken, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, avocado, walnuts and a pomengrate dressing. The delightful salad packs a punch and is flavorful and heathy! I love tasty and healthful menu options! 

Vibrant and healthy Very Berry Salad presents a fantastic lunch option. (This is a tasting portion.)
Vibrant and healthy Very Berry Salad presents a fantastic lunch option. (This is a tasting portion.)

On my next visit, I have my eye on the Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad! I love the Southwest flavor! I know my daughter will definitely go for a burger!

Enjoying Intriguing Made From Scratch Flavors While Feeling Part of Community at WynBurg Cafe:

At WynBurg, I felt both at home and adventurous. The menu offers up so many options to explore with flavors. If you just want to enjoy one of your more traditional favorites -- you can do that too. Everyone at WynBurg is so friendly and really works to accommodate visitors. WynBurg Cafe presents a charming place where you can sit down to a well crafted meal and enjoy being part of the family. I look forward to future visits treating myself to a great meal at WynBurg and catching up with Steve and Patty!

WynBurg Cafe Tempts with  Unique Meals While  Making Dining Fun in Arlington Heights, IL

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