A Little Time and a Keyboard: 14 Evanston, Illinois Favorite Sites and Adventures

14 Evanston, Illinois Favorite Sites and Adventures

Monday, February 28, 2022

Top Spots to Visit in Evanston, Illinois

Top Spots to Visit in Evanston, Illinois

Evanston, Illinois has quickly become one of our favorite Chicago suburbs to visit. The arts, history, small businesses and food scene keep us returning time and time again. Of course, I can't resist a location with Lake Michigan views! But, Evanston has so much more -- check out some of our Evanston highlights:

Evanston Art Center

Evanston Art Center offers a splendid diversion igniting creativity through art exhibits. Rotating art exhibits means that no two visits to the center are the same. Additionally, the center offers art experiences including classes. Be sure to stop in the gift shop to pick up your own piece of local art.


Hewn is an absolutely heavenly bakery -- which happens to be right next to the Evanston Art Center. Hewn bakers bake breads, pastries and more using old methods. The bakery sources locally and uses ingredients that are free of chemicals, additives and preservatives. I absolutely love Hewn's scones. We also like to pick up sandwiches at Hewn to take to the beach.

Backlot Coffee

Backlot Coffee is a local roastery with two cafes -- one in Evanston and one in Chicago. The cafes are very community-focused. We often pop on when we are in Evanston for one of their divine coffee concoctions. They also have delicious baked goods and more eats plus a few sundries for purchase.

Plant Shop Evanston

 The Plant Shop is a partnership between Backlot and Plant Shop Chicago and is worth a visit if looking to add something green and leafy to your home. In addition to the uplifting greenery, Plant Shop Evanston purveyors locally crafted pots.

An infusion of green shopping at Plant Shop Evanston.
An infusion of green shopping at Plant Shop Evanston.

Teresa Parod's Murals

Local artist Teresa Parod has crafted an incredible outdoor art gallery in Evanston by painting whimsical murals on garage doors framing two alleys. We love to pick up a cup of joe or hot cocoa and go for a ride to see Parod's murals.

Grosse Point Lighthouse

Constructed in 1872-1874, Grosse Point Lighthouse is a touchstone to the history of shipping and sailing on Lake Michigan. I admire the fascinating historic structure and love the adjacent views of Lake Michigan. Next to the lighthouse is the Harley House which is a former mansion of 1920s utility magnate Harley Clarke. The garden was designed by famed landscape architect Jens Jensen.

Charles Gates Dawes House 

Charles Gates Dawes served as Coolidge's Vice President. His Evanston mansion was constructed in 1894-5 and exhibits a variety of interior designs including Louis XIV and English Renaissance Revival. The home is a fascinating architectural adventure and features interesting history about Charles Dawes and Evanston. We were totally amazed by the architecture and artifacts inside the mansion during a tour.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is certainly the star of the area. We love to visit a variety of parks along Lake Michigan to take in views of the stunning lake. In the winter, lake views are just what we need to lift the spirits but they are certainly fantastic all year round.

Frances Willard House

The 1865 house was home to remarkable suffragette and social reformer Frances Willard. The home also would become the location of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. The house and museum has guided tours as well as events presenting period elements.

Patisserie Coralie

If you are looking for a delectable French pastry, Patisserie Coralie is the place to go! We love heading in for macarons and croissants. Coralie's menu also boasts savories including quiches and Parisian street sandwiches. Tea and coffee easily round out any tasty selection!

Dazzled by the cornucopia of rocks, minerals and fossils at Dave's Down to Earth Rock Shop.
Dazzled by the cornucopia of rocks, minerals and fossils at Dave's Down to Earth Rock Shop.

Dave's Down to Earth Rock Shop

Dave's Down to Earth Rock Shop has long been an Evanston staple purveying an incredible range of rocks, minerals and fossils. The shop also sells jewelry, vases and more created with nature's gifts. Dave's is also home to a fossil museum with free admission!

Halim Time and Glass Museum

Halim Time and Glass Museum is quite a unique find in Evanston. The museum features an enormous collection of timepieces reflecting upon the history of keeping time. The collection truly amazes me. Additionally, the museum holds a remarkable collection of stained glass pieces including those by Tiffany. The pieces are striking and we enjoyed reveling in them on a winter day!

Woman with Daughter by Louis Comfort Tiffany
Woman with Daughter by Louis Comfort Tiffany

Stumble and Relish

Stumble and Relish is an incredibly fun store full of local art. If you are looking for a gift, this entertaining spot should be on your list! Everything inside of Stumble and Relish sports flare with heart. 

Noir d'Ebene

Noir d'Ebene features delectable and intriguing chocolate flavors, pastries and more. I love how Noir d'Ebene crafts a community ambiance including having community meals.  Noir d'Ebene is vibrant and alive -- a fun place to visit and enjoy an artisanal treat.

Enjoy your next little adventure to Evanston!

Top Spots to Visit in Evanston, Illinois


  1. ❤ and miss my " hometown".
    Wear my Evanston shirts often.

  2. You might mention that Dawes was the only person ever (as far as I know) to have both won a Nobel Peace Prize and have a #1 Billboard hit with "It's All in the Game."