A Little Time and a Keyboard: Enjoying a Chocolate Tulip at The Glenview House

Enjoying a Chocolate Tulip at The Glenview House

Monday, October 7, 2013

Recently, we enjoyed dinner at The Glenview House in Glenview. The Glenview House has quite a menu ranging from old pub favorites to traditional fare that has been kicked up a notch to even more sophisticated dishes. Being a chocophile, the item on the menu that spoke to me immediately happens to be the chocolate tulip cups for dessert (of course). I normally skip desserts. However, I just had to have a chocolate tulip cup dessert. The dessert definitely lived up to my chocolate expectations:

The chocolate tulip was graceful and full of a thick chocolate ganache sprinkled with a few berries. Almond biscotti drizzled with raspberry lambic accompanied the flower.

To say we enjoyed the dessert is an understatement since we devoured it. Thank goodness that there were three of us enjoying this creation as I probably would have felt a wee bit guilty later. The ganache was pretty thick and had a very addictive chocolate flavor.

Here is another view:

We enjoyed our meal at The Glenview House, so I will be blogging about them in the future. However, I had to share this dessert with you. What a wonderful discovery!

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