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Tacoma Eats

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Duke's Chowder House Tacoma, WA
Inside of Duke's Chowder House--home of Duke's famous chowder!
Every world explorer needs to eat, right? We enjoyed tasting Tacoma offering. Some of the gems we uncovered:

Duke's Chowder House:

Located on the incredibly scenic Ruston Way, Duke's affords magnificent views with its great food. All of the fish served at Duke's sustainably caught with the majority coming from the Pacific Northwest or Alaska. Many other items are also locally sourced. Known for its clam chowder, we had to try it. Delicious!

Clam chowder at Duke's Chowder House in Tacoma, Washington
Award-winning chowder!
Prawns with avocado salad--another hit!

Prawns and avocado salad at Duke's Chowder House Tacoma, WA
Prawns and avocado salad
My daughter is a huge fan of Caesar Salad, so she jumped at ordering one for lunch. She devoured her salad, of course! And---savored some nibbles from my dishes.

Caesar Salad at Duke's Chowder House in Tacoma, WA
Caesar Salad 
Not a fan of seafood, the hubby went for the Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger and loved it!

Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger at Duke's Chowder House in Tacoma, WA
Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger
Definitely a hit in the restaurant department!

Legendary Doughnuts:

The 6th Avenue area of Tacoma is an up and coming area with artists, shops and restaurants. One of our first adventures on 6th Avenue was a peek inside of Legendary Doughnuts. Legendary Doughnuts is truly the home of tasty indulgence. Fresh. Cake. Doughnuts. Do I need to say more? They are also the home of the Doughsant--yes, doughnut & croissant. Plus, incredibly inventive creations.

Legendary Doughnuts Chocolate Doughnut
Chocolaty Goodness!

Old Fashioned Doughnut from Legendary Doughnuts
Old Fashioned
Ice Cream Social:

Vacation is the perfect excuse for something a little extra sweet. After a day of exploring, we wandered into Ice Cream Social which churns its own delightfully creamy ice cream! Sourced from local ingredients and without all of that artificial stuff, we couldn't wait to dive in! The lavender had an intriguing flavor but we really loved the salted caramel. Yum! When you visit, be on the look out for some local artwork for purchase--a way to bring Tacoma home!

Salted Caramel Ice Cream from Ice Cream Social in Tacoma, WA
Salted Caramel--Yum!

Ubiquitous Journey:

We love a nice spot for a little tea to unwind. On 6th Avenue, we also found Ubiquitous Journey---the perfect little nook for a pot of loose leaf tea. In addition to tea, this Tacoma find is home to an apothecary of spices and teas---a truly amazing cache! Plus, there are light meals available such as unique grilled cheeses. Gifts are available including locally crafted pottery. A fun little excursion!

Bar Bistro:

After a reading a few reviews, we tried Bar Bistro--and loved it! The interior is a bit sophisticated but still relaxing and family-friendly until late in the evening. The menu featured a lot of favorites turned up a notch. I went for a bistro salad with a shrimp skewer. My daughter went for the 6-cheese (yes, SIX!) mac-n-cheese. The hubby went for the Cuban and red pepper soup. Wonderfully presented and delicious!

Tacoma Eats:

We really loved each of these places and would return on a future trip to Tacoma!

I hope that you have enjoyed my coverage of Tacoma, Washington! We loved the city and it provides a marvelous experience for families. We felt enriched by our experience yet relaxed as well! What a great time! If you missed any of my coverage, please see my previous post Two Days Exploring Tacoma Washington for Families.

**Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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