Four Days Recharging With Nature in Iceland

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Powerful and majestic Skogarfoss waterfall in Iceland
Powerful and majestic Skogarfoss waterfall 
About a year ago, I learned joyous news -- Icelandair announced new service from Chicago. We had visited Iceland twice in the past with both trips involving traveling to a different gateway instead of the very convenient ORD. When I learned that Icelandair would begin flights from nearby Chicago, I immediately hatched a plan to return to Iceland to continue our exploration of its striking, raw and natural beauty. We opted for a fall visit to witness a different season since our previous two trips were in the summer.

Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik warmed by autumn hues.
Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik warmed by autumn hues.
Rusty yellows and reds added warm hues to some of our favorite spots in the capital city of Reykjavik as well as our discoveries in the countryside.

Yellow popping throughout Thingvellir in Iceland.
Yellow popping throughout Thingvellir.
Each day brought us the Icelandic weather we are used to -- a swirl of rain, wind, sun and even a little sleet sometimes all within a span of ten minutes.

Waterfalls and rock formations at  Gjáin Gorge in Iceland.
Waterfalls and streams add serenity to rock formations displaying the strong forces at work in the Earth at   Gjáin Gorge.
We marveled at both the ferocity and the gentle grace of nature sometimes at the same spot.

Engaging exhibit detailing Viking ruins in Reykjavik.
Engaging exhibit detailing Viking ruins at the 871 Settlement Museum.
We also learned more about the history of Iceland including a visit to our favorite archaeological site right in Reykjavik.

Woolens factory in Vik, Iceland.
Woolens factory in Vik.
Of course, we also had time to check out Icelandic goods including seeing where some woolens are made.

Little Mermaid statue at Tjörnin Pond in Reykjavik.
Little Mermaid statue at Tjörnin Pond in Reykjavik.
With Icelandair making travel from Chicago so much easier, I am so excited to share why we love Iceland so much with all of you! I will be sharing more of our adventure later this week!

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  1. Iceland looks so great! Can't wait to go!

    1. You are going to love it! I am happy you are planning a visit! :)